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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homeless or Nature Enthusiast?

We're in Denver for the Regional Admin Conference. Booyah! This is my first conference ever (like the DOE would send me anywhere) and I am super excited and I'm presenting a session on Thursday. I'm cool like that.

We landed and it was beautiful, sunny, and in the 60s. Although I'm a little sore from the 50K, I couldn't pass up a chance to run. The concierge recommended this path along the Speer creek or river or whatever this body of water is called. It was a pleasant path, but it didn't let me see any of Denver. Fail.


I quickly realized that my left Achilles and my right IT band are a little pissed at me. I did 5 miles anyway. Since there wasn't much to look at, I took an interest in the other people who were out. People were running, cycling, walking their dogs, and sitting on the bank of the creek (?).

Yes. 70 degrees one day, and snow the next two.
In the sunniest city in the country.
The non-athletes really caught my eye. Some of them were obviously students or professionals enjoying the weather, but others might have been homeless. I stress might. The homeless people in Denver sure don't look like the homeless in New York. That's where homeless or nature enthusiast was born. My foot hurt for all 50 some odd minutes of my run, but at least I was entertained.

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