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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Highline

I work right by Penn Station and run by the Westside Highway, but somehow I had never been on the Highline until tonight. I entertained crazy ideas of getting out of work by 5 (hah!) but refused to stay inside once I realized it was going to be another late night in the office. My coworker invited me to join her and her friend for a walk on the Highline. Good thing I keep a drawer full of workout clothes and extra sneakers in my desk. It was beautiful out!

Not the Highline.

We decided that we wanted to continue our walk and headed over to the path along the highway. I was really itching to run once I saw everyone else running. I'm glad I didn't though because my Achilles keeps tightening up. Speaking of seeing everyone, I spotted at least 3 people I know including my friend Trey. What's the protocol on greeting runners when you're walking? I don't like being interrupted when I'm running, so unless I can wave to you when you're coming straight on, I'm probably not going to say hi.

This very cute runner passed us twice and said hi to me. If you're reading this and you're that good looking blond guy, hey there and let's get sweaty together. (Awkward?)


The Garmin says we walked 5.24 miles but it took about 2 avenues to locate its satellites. I'd say we were closer to 5.5. Not bad. What I didn't realize is that your fingers swell when you walk. Something about the way you hd your arms. Why is that?

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