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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Downward Dog

I've gone to Alignment Flow Yoga every Tuesday for the past four weeks. Never a big fan of yoga, I'm surprised by this. Yoga takes practice and patience. You can't just force your body to do crazy things and expect a better outcome. It's almost as bad as golf in that respect. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea of yoga is wonderful. It's the actual attempt to get into pigeon pose I take issue with.

I've said before that the best way for me to get into a regular gym schedule is to make a connection with a particular class and instructor. When I lived out on Long Island, only wild dogs and extreme traffic on the Jackie Robinson kept me from going to Yves' kickboxing classes. I dug my car out of a snow bank during a snow day in order to attend, true story.

Last night I was pretty tired, and maybe nodding off at my desk, but I stayed at work until 7 because it wasn't an option to skip yoga. By adding one can't-miss class at a time, you can develop a full workout schedule.

The other nice thing about being a regular is that your instructor will start paying more attention to you. This is helpful when you need a tweak in your form or someone to force your heels down in downward dog. How many weeks do you think it's going to take for me to get my heels down on my own? I'm taking bets.

I really want these capri pants.

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