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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pre-Race Practices

Is it 3 PM yet?
This Gchat convo pretty much sums up my morning:

The Professor: put on your headphones. Im dialing it in today. gonna play with this internal power point Im working on
In Shape Out of Mind: i'm in a meeting :(
The Professor: thats horrible
In Shape Out of Mind: drinking a 32 oz slurpee and eating cheerios with my hands

I'll be honest. I only came to the office today because I have a lunch date.

I tend to have a problem with going out the night before races and showing up drunk. Examples A, B, and C.

To combat this, I try to go out two nights before a race because my crippling hangover keeps me on my couch the night before. This works a lot better for Saturday morning races than Sunday morning races as you can imagine. The punishment of work on Friday is more conducive to an early bedtime than lying around  all day Saturday, or even worse, daydrinking to put off the hangover.

Tomorrow is the Scotland Run 10K. I'm already fretting about my time for the damn thing. I suck at the 10K and I really want to PR. My best 10K (and my only sober one) was the Great Cow Harbor race last September. So today I am going to leave the office early, pick up my race packet, and then go to a museum with a guy. Yeah. I'm not sure who I've turned into either. Leave work early? Do something cultural with a boy?

Then I'm going to eat buffalo wings. I've never had a bad race after eating buffalo wings for dinner.

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