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Sunday, July 20, 2014

CrossFit Sandbox

Greetings from LA!

I got in late last night and my buddy picked me up at the airport. I'm here for a conference this weekend but last night I crashed at his place in Santa Monica. Saving the organization money and catching up with a good friend - two birds with one stone. This morning I awoke to the familiar sound of barbells and remembered that my buddy's place is next to CrossFit Sandbox. I promptly put on some spandex and walked down the street.

The guys at CrossFit Sandbox were welcoming right away. The 9 AM was finishing up and I filled out my waiver, paid the $25 drop-in fee, and hung out with everyone else in the back. I really enjoyed the company (it had been more than 3 days without CrossFit!) and I felt very much included in the conversation.

Today's WOD was a partner WOD, which, as we know, are my favorite way to spend a Saturday. Danny volunteered to be my partner and we had a lovely time and I think we were pretty well-matched.

4 rounds
600m run
30 OHS (15 each) 
30 V ups (15 each)

So the original programming had very heavy OHS (155# for men) and only 15 reps between the two partners. Coach Brad said to double the squats and drop the weight if you wanted to work on mechanics. Since I have developed a terrible butt wink, I went with 45# and used a butt ball to make sure I was squatting appropriately. A butt ball is just the same ball you use for wall balls and you tap your ass on it every time you squat down. I think Danny used 95# for his OHS.

The 600m runs were around the block and they were a nice opportunity to get to know my partner. Danny's wife had their son five weeks ago and he's a very happy and excited new dad. We split the squats evenly and each did 15 unbroken. We alternated who went first each round. We broke the V ups into 10, 10, 5, 5 and this strategy worked well for us. At 10, you're just getting fatigued and then you can crank out your last 5 and get straight back into the run. We finished in 22:38.

I struggle with the overhead squat and it's just really difficult for me to keep my arms locked out even if with a PVC pipe. This is a mobility and a strength issue. Brad explained that we should keep our shoulders shrugged and try to make it like we have no neck and that clicked with me. I think it made a significant difference in my form and I'm pleased with my performance. Brad said I looked good but should bring my feet in a few inches. I'll take it.

I showered up after class and headed downtown for the conference. We couldn't check into our rooms until after dinner and I just met my roommate and it turns out she's been doing CrossFit for the past two years. We've spent the last hour talking about favorite athletes and looking at Instagram. Match made in heaven.

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