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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 1 of Half Marathon Training

Today I trained twice - CrossFit in the morning and running in the evening. I even looked forward to running after work. I found a plan on the half marathon website that was made by a running coach who has a L1 cert and therefore is trustworthy. The plan includes CrossFit twice a week, but since that's not enough to feed my addiction, I played around with it and some days I have two workouts. The plan called for a 45 minute easy run and that's about a 9 minute mile for me if I'm really taking it easy.

super excited to go run around in the humidity instead of going to bed
I ran 20 minutes along the Beltline and turned around when I hit another road. I then ran back and into Piedmont Park. A ton of porta-potties are all lined up. I'm not sure if they're for the Peachtree Road Race on Friday or leftover from today's giant USA soccer party.

It was weird running for time and actually kind of pleasant. I tried to stay in my easy pace but I started to feel pretty good after 20 minutes and ramped up to about a 7:20 minute mile pace. That didn't last too long though - I think it had more to do with Taylor Swift than anything else.

Now Taylor Swift isn't really country anymore, but a couple of her songs were on a country Spotify playlist. I really like country music and lately I've started to run to it. I find it especially good for long easy runs. I usually just pick one of Spotify's more upbeat country lists (I like the Tailgate one a lot) and treat it like the radio but I just cannot stand Blake Shelton's Doin What She Likes. Can we just take a moment to focus on the first verse? Who is this moron?

She likes it when I call in sick to work 
Spend the whole day hanging with her 
I might get fired but that's alright 
I'm doin' what she likes

You know what I like? When my boyfriend goes to work and closes serious deals and then calls me to tell me how he fucking owned his job today. But I do like fajitas and margaritas so this woman isn't a complete moron I guess. Anyway, I digress.

So the first day of half marathon training was a success.

You know what else we a success? CrossFit. (You didn't seriously think you'd get out of hearing about my morning workout did you?)

Death By Power Clean 135/95
For 15 Minutes
On the first minute complete one power clean
On the second minute complete two
On the third minute complete three Etc
Reps do not have to be consecutive. If you do not complete the designated amount of reps for that minute, start back at the beginning (1 rep, then 2 reps on the following minute, etc.) until 15 minutes have passed.

I used 65# and completed all 120 power cleans within the time limit. I didn't think I was going to finish 14 in a minute but I did with literally one second on the clock, which meant I had to go directly into the set of 15. It was hard but oh so satisfying. I 100% attribute today's success to my knee socks. It was finally cool enough for them to make an appearance. God I miss those things.

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