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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New York State of Mind

I've been back up in New York since last Wednesday. My trip was very much planes, trains, and automobiles and I got to experience the joys of the New York Subway, the MTA Bus, and the Long Island Railroad. Oh the L train.

I spent time at my parents' in Oyster Bay. I spent time with some family in Queens. My boyfriend's exceptionally lovely roommate let me stay at their apartment in Williamsburg. Some wonderful friends hosted a wonderful holiday weekend in Southport. It's been great, but I am more than ready to get back to Atlanta.

We both owned those bathing suits and didn't plan this at all.
The boyfriend and I fit in a run while we were in Southport. It was really just an excuse to run to Spic and Span Market for sandwiches because it was cheat day.

It hasn't all been beer drinking, dark and stormy chugging, and inhaling 2 lbs steaks. I made it to my home (CrossFit Hell's Kitchen) and my home away from home (CrossFit Central LI.) I even got to help celebrate CrossFit celebrity and all around amazing athlete Jacinto Bonilla's birthday, but that will get its own post.

It was so humid that sitting in the rain felt amazing.

Rom-el lost 8 lbs on his weight gaining diet and now his belt is too big, so I bought it.

I got to see my beloved Abby!

I made it to CFHK on Wednesday. We worked on our shoulder press and our behind the neck clean grip push press. I PR'd both, NBD. I got to work with my friend Kate and she's gotten very strong and she really pushed me to work harder than I probably would've done if I was just picking my weights. I got 75# for the last round of BTNCGPP (that's not actually an acronym BTW.) Kate and I used to train together often and we had so much fun and I was so excited when the class gathered around to get started and we made eye contact and I knew we'd be partners.


21-15-9 Clean, 135# / 95#  (Power Cleans)
Ring Dips 

Wednesday was the day after Death by Power Cleans and the metcon was filled with power cleans! CrossFit can become ironically unvaried if you visit enough boxes regularly. I was unable to power clean 85# for even one rep on that Tuesday but I did all of Elizabeth with 80#. This was a good reminder to keep at it every day and not to mentally limit myself. I finished in 9:03 using a blue band for the ring dips.

Today I made it to CrossFit Central LI for the 11:30 WOD with PJ. I've been to this time once before and really liked the people in it, especially Allison. She helped correct my Russian kettlebell swing form today.

We did 10x10 swings and I did the first set at 16kg and the remaining at 24kg.

Then we had a metcon that included hang power cleans! It's a good thing I like cleans.

3 rounds
1 minute each movement
1 minute rest between each round
- Double-unders
- Sit-ups
- Wallballs (20/14)
- Hang power cleans (115/85)
- Push-ups

I used 55 lbs for the hang power cleans. I wasn't in the mood to hurt myself and I am suffering from a self-induced carb hangover. I just needed to sweat it out.

And because I am a huge nerd, I made an Excel table.

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