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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Choice Healthcare Center

You might have been wondering where I've been since lately. Sadly, I have not been at the box.

On Monday, August 25, I woke up feeling sore and kind of foggy. Pretty typical Chinese food hangover with the headache and bloating to match. I decided to work from home and then take a midday break for the 12 noon class at CFID. I kept thinking that if I got a good workout in that I'd shake the ugh feeling and loosen my muscles up. Unfortunately, I was barely through a warm up set of front squats at 85# when I felt a weird tinge in my back. I didn't like the feeling one bit so I put the bar down and went to speak with Keith.

Keith spent some time helping me to pinpoint where it hurt and said that I should go home and ice. I was sad that I couldn't complete the workout (front squats, power cleans, TTB, and running!) but I'm not a fool and I didn't want to be laid up with an injury. Keith said that if it still hurt the next day that I should contact Dr. Dan Shuman. Dan is a chiropractor who is nationally certified in Active Release Technique for both Full Spine and Long Tract Nerve Entrapment. He also happens to be one of my favorite friends at CrossFit Identity.

I went to see Dr. Dan on Wednesday, August 26 because it really hurt to walk. I couldn't bend over to touch my toes and normally I can lay my hands flat on the ground. Dan said that psoas muscle was spasming. Basically I spend a lot of time sitting on airplanes and sitting in the car and sitting at my desk (must build pop up desk this week!) and that makes my body think this is normal. When I rolled up to the box and started squatting, my back was like WTF? We don't move this way! Dr. Dan did some adjustments and then some other body work and I felt better immediately. When I came in on Friday for my next appointment, I felt like a new person.

I have another appointment this evening and hopefully I'll be cleared to go back to CrossFit. This experience has taught me the importance of regular maintenance. I put myself through tough workouts and I'm always on the go. I've been getting over 9 hours of sleep with my new found free time, i.e. time regularly spent at CrossFit or showering or washing dirty gym clothes, and I feel amazing. Maybe I should go to CrossFit a little less and sleep a little more and see what happens.

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Dan at 1st Choice Healthcare Center because he not only fixed my back, he made me feel really comfortable in a new setting when I felt like garbage. My insurance covered the adjustments with my copay and I paid $65 per session for the additional body work because Cigna decided it's not traditional chiropractic. I think it is money well spent but I'll be calling Cigna shortly to share my thoughts on this expense.

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