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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DayQuil is the Best Pre-Workout

I spent about 24 hours in the great state of New Jersey and came back with a terrible cold. I was just minding my own business, sitting in the exit row, looking at dick pics on my phone when I realized my eyes were watery, my throat was scratchy, and my nose was running. Earlier that morning, as I sat trying to keep warm while waiting for the train from Newark to Trenton, a preacher came by and started talking about eternal damnation for people who look at dirty images. I guess this is my punishment?

It most likely has something to do with the run I did Saturday morning. It was cold and grey and I stopped for coffee at mile 4 and then walked home with it. I felt frozen.

So now I can't breath and I'm hopped up on Tylenol Cold & Sinus, which coincidentally makes for a fantastic pre-workout. The last time I got sick, I discovered the magical powers of cold medication combined with heavy lifting. Sure, you might think you're having a heart attack, but have you ever accidentally taken a double serving of C4? Because I have, and it made me so messed up that I was concerned that I didn't have a will in place to provide continued care to Frank, (which has since been rectified) and this isn't nearly as bad.

Today's WOD was painful. Even more than how it is written above. We actually started with the burpees over the rower. My rower kept clearing out my calories during my first row and I was screaming at it and my coach was trying to fix it. Chaos ensued and it was demoralizing. Sadly, I watched the same thing happen to my friend Tracy at the 5 PM and I ended up choosing the same damn rower. I finished in 6:45.

After rolling on the ground and dragging down my knee socks and hacking up a lung and blowing my nose over and over, I was finally ready to warm up for the EMOM. I used 85#, 95#, 95#, 105#, 105#, 115#, 115#, and it felt fucking heavy. On the one hand, it was awesome to feel really warmed up before lifting. On the other hand, I had Fran cough coupled with my actual cough and everything hurt.

It was fun to shake things up today and do the metcon first. Mat Fraser trains like this sometimes to ensure that he can handle multiple events throughout the day. We've also seen this in the Open with 15.1.

This is from 15.1a

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