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Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016 Goals and Some Thoughts for 2017

Pure Barre Goal: 1 time for a total of 53 tucks in 2016.

CrossFit Goal: 160/200 WODs. I went to class 14 times, one of which was a drop-in at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta.

I PR'd my Kelly time at 26:44 Rx while injured on 12/28/16. Kelly is 5RFT 400 m run, 30 box jumps (24/20), and 30 wallballs (20/14). My old time from 1/31/15 is 31:29 Rx and I didn't have a shooting pain up my back. My back is getting better and I have been scaling most of the workouts. I did step ups instead of rebounding on the box jumps. I have been going really light on the weights each day.

We got some brand new Lynx barbells and they are gorgeous.

Mileage Goal: I ran 10.8 miles this month for a total of 154 miles for the year. I chuckle because I used to run this in a month. The other day someone decided to lie to me about our evening plans and so I left my car at his place. When we ended up at the bar DIRECTLY DOWN THE STREET from my apartment, I was pissed. One and a half miles of this total mileage is me running back down the Beltline to pick up my car the next morning. I think this was just his way of making sure I came back.

Really not pleased that I had to go get my car. This was not a problem one faced in New York.

Life and Wellness Goals: Shit's a hot mess. A few years ago I stopped going out on New Year's Eve for two years and it was a great decision. I felt like I started the new year with such positivity. I spent NYE 2013 at a Phish Show at Madison Square Garden and was encouraged to stop being such an uptight bitch. Honestly, that evening is probably the reason I had the courage to pick up my entire life and move to Atlanta. Thanks Zach! I then spent New Year's Day 2014 with my CFHK besties at brunch and went to bed early. Last year Jeremy and I argued until the early morning but then we spent the day watching tv on the air mattress in the living room because that's how you build a grown-up pillow fort.

I think I look like a beautiful disco ball.

The highlight of this New Year's Eve was when the guy I thought I was seeing invited some other girl to the bar. I'm so oblivious to things, aka I was too busy showing off my fantastic white girl wasted dance moves, that I had no idea that she and her friend showed up and were apparently none too happy with my presence. She allegedly asked him if he was there with the "shiny girl." No one rocks sequins like I do. For the record, he said yes. Unfortunately I have no recollection of this happening if I was ever aware of it to begin with. I think I would have found it hysterical.

I was too busy making friends with random strangers to notice whatever drama was going down.

This year I woke up to a large tumbler of vodka and things devolved from there. I'd like to say that it's because it was a holiday week and we still had Monday off so why not start drinking at 11 AM, but I'm afraid that I might be reverting back to my old self. I don't want to be a person that sleeps through her own Christmas party and gets sent home from Sunday football watching. And so it looks like there needs to be some changes around here. Nothing drastic. Just better decision making and focusing on goals. So stay tuned for the 2017 goals post.

Daisy Mae rocking her scarf from the German Christmas market.

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