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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clean(er) Eating

You can't out-train a crappy diet. I am proof of this because despite my summer/fall running schedule, my buffalo wing and beer habit forced me to buy bigger jeans. A crappy diet also leaves me feeling crappy. Go figure.

In an effort to return to my former glory (hello visible abs!), I am committing myself to eating cleaner. Conscious decisions and more mindful habits will hopefully get me back into my tiny ass running shorts by March. I also want to be realistic. I'm not going to refuse tasty (and free) food from my friends and family because it does qualify as eating clean.

Today I started off with a piece of Ezekiel 4:9 toast with fresh-grind peanut butter and a little honey. I also had a cup of black coffee. (I like my coffee like my kickboxing instructors: tall, dark, and strong. Cue the cymbal.)

Later on at work I ate a clementine as a snack. I ate a pouch of chunk light tuna with a McIntosh apple and Laughing Cow Light cheese. I frequently eat huge lunches but don't feel satisfied because I scarf them down. Slicing the apple and eating the tuna with a fork forced me to eat more slowly than when I inhale a sandwich. Less food, fewer calories, more satisfied.

After attending the awesome C9 by Champion for Target event at Flywheel, I ate some pineapple and an Archer's Farm strawberry-pomegranate granola bar because I was feeling lightheaded. You should have seen how psyched I got when they were handing these out. They are my favorite flavor. (I am obsessed with all things Target if you haven't figured this out yet.)

LOVE Archer Farms products.

Since I would be staying at the office late to compensate for the two hours I spent at Champion C9 event, I packed dinner. I had left over lasagna my mom made for me. This was definitely not clean because my mother doesn't believe in reduced-fat cheese. I had it with a side of steam-in-the-bag frozen green beans. I think the green beans made up for the calorie-loaded lasagna and that my meal was pretty dang good for me.
I spend way too much time eating at my desk.

Clean eating can get expensive. It can also drive you crazy if you eat with non-clean eaters a lot. Two years ago I would have said to avoid these dishes at all costs, but now I think we have to pick our battles. I also kind of agree with my mom about that reduced-fat cheese thing.

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