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Thursday, December 29, 2011

K-Swiss Micro Tubes 100fit Review

I got two pairs of K-Swiss Micro Tubes 100fit shoes for Christmas. I went to Equinox this morning to test out the Fiji Blue pair.

This is the review that I sent into K-Swiss:

I ordered two pairs of these shoes to wear to the gym. I do a lot of step aerobics, kickboxing, and bootcamp classes and it's important that I have a comfortable, light-weight shoe that will keep my ankles stabilized. I wore these for a cardio step sculpting class today and my feet felt great. I was able to feel the step (not always the case if wearing running shoes) and keep my balance. The shoes are also light-weight. I didn't feel like my legs were being weighed down when I was in tabletop doing my ab work. I also love the color of these shoes. The heel cup is a little narrow, but it stretched out a bit after wearing them after a half an hour.

My workout:
I  ♥ baby blankets.
I got my sleepy ass out of bed to go to Assia Winfield's CARDIO Burn! class. We each had a step with double risers, 8 lb weights, 2-3 lb weights (I picked up 2s and really wished I had gotten the 3s), and mat. Assia combined step moves with the light weights (no choreography) with a little boxing and plyo work. This keeps your heart rate up and burns a lot of calories. Every few minutes (10? I don't know. I was too busy having fun in class) we would put our mat onto our bench and do ab work or lift the 8 lbs weights. I love that Assia intersperses the ab work throughout the workout. Too many times I find myself skimping on my abs because I wait until the end of the workout. I also really like Assia's classes because I don't find myself looking at the clock. Assia is a tough but fun instructor, and her regulars get serious results. If you attend one of Assia's classes, you should know that she likes to be addressed as Drill Sergeant (she was in the military.)

Look how pretty these are!
I got to see some of my gym friends in class. I'm always happy to see Rose. I absolutely love her. Today she was trying to get me to introduce myself to the cute gym guy who came into the class at the end. (I think he needed to count how many people attended.) Although he is supercute, I have a 34 year-old and a dog. He came in during our cool down and he was standing right behind me while I was oh so attractively quivering in a raised-heel pliƩ squat. Yeah, it was distracting. I was standing in the back today because I wasn't early and I am not a regular in this class. I don't like when people show up and take my front row spot and I try to be respectful of gym-goers who attend the same class each week.

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