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Friday, December 30, 2011

Whatever Happened to Clearly Canadian?

Today I went to the Great Neck Equinox for Coco's Cardio Kickbox and Zumba classes. Awesome workouts as always. Highlights included a woman telling me I am in amazing shape (booyah!) and dancing the Macarena. Who doesn't love a 90s flashback?
Crazy Hat Day 1996
I was pretty impressed with my outfit today: neon yellow C9 by Champion shorts and sports bra (the bra was free!), a grey Mossimo tank, and my bright green K-Swiss Micro Tubes.

I seriously struggle with self-timer pictures.
Now finally to the purpose of this post: what the hell happened to Clearly Canadian? That drink was the sh*t. I remember coming home after school and drinking an entire bottle of bubbly, berry goodness while doing my homework. It came in a glass bottle and the top made a horrible screeching sound every time you tried to close it.

While Clearly Canadian has been MIA, I have found Clear American at Wal-Mart. It's not only delicious, it's less than a dollar for a liter! Like, WTF? This proves that Americans produce products of equal value for better prices. (It's probably made in Taiwan.)

Key Lime is my favorite flavor.
This used to be a treat for me when I visited the Wal-Mart in Iowa, until I realized yesterday that we too have Wal-Mart in New York. I bought myself a bottle of Raspberry Apple and could barely contain my excitement while I waited for it to get cold in the back of the best friend's Jeep.
To learn all of the flavors go to Clear American's website.


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  2. So chances are the post above is spam. Don't click on the site.

    Regarding the question - I use blogger although I do have the wordpress version of this site too to avoid anyone else from stealing my name. I'm also trademarking it, but I have put off dealing with the details for 6 months because I needed to focus on getting my super sweet new job.

    I have no idea how to code. Blogger is pretty idiot proof.

  3. Love this post... I too often wonder where Clearly Canadian went. I do love Clearly American though, my flavor of choice is also Key Lime. This one made me smile. :)

    1. Clearly Canadian was my favorite soda in elementary/middle school. I am a big fan of Clear American but some of the flavors taste like pure aspartame. It's really hit or miss, but Key Lime is effing amazing. We don't have many Wal-Marts out here so it's kind of hard to find.

  4. Loved this post. :) I typed more but it went away... glad I stumbled on this blog entry.

  5. Clearly Canadian is re-launching original formulas in glass bottles via a fan-led campaign to bring back into production right now.
    Need your support! Spread the word!

  6. Clearly Canadian is back to purchase your own case of Clearly Canadian please visit and tell your FRIENDS & FAMILY to support Clearly Canadian as well lets bring it back!


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