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Friday, July 1, 2011

So Many Things to See at the Sea Shore

So Daddy paid for my season sticker to TOBAY beach. My sister and I packed up the PT Cruiser and headed down to the South Shore. It was a beautiful day today, and we found prime beach real estate. Then my sister went to sleep and I was left reading July's issue of Runner's World.

Today was my rest day, therefore I ended up restless. I took off down the beach, barefoot and in my bikini. I ran at the water's edge for probably half a mile before turning back. I was running at 5K pace, but I felt amazing afterwards. My legs felt great. The best part was jumping in the water afterwards.

Satisfied with my physical activity for the day, I settled into my beach chair. The Tony Tape-Ups who had invaded our space during my run returned with a dead and decaying shark. Very cool, but dragging around a dead fish is definitely an act of animal cruelty. By this time I had gotten sand in my suit so I headed over to the showers. There I saw a giant seagull keeled over under one of the shower heads! Seriously?! Was this some kind of sick joke intended to frighten small children? I returned to my towel to work on my back tan. Beach running is now high on my list for summer activities.

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