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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We survived Hurricane Sandy. Actually, those of us on the Upper East Side had the best week ever during Hurricane Sandy (except for those folks who live in the mid-90s on 1st Avenue.)

On Sunday I came back into Manhattan because I refused to spend another storm on Long Island after Irene. Good thing I did because my parents lost power on Monday, October 29 and got it back today.

Hurricane outfit!
On Monday I worked from my bed and then hid under the covers during the storm, catching up on my DVR.

Tuesday I ventured down the street to Favorite Work Friend's apartment. I did some work from Lauren's apartment and watched tv. Our friend ventured uptown from Chelsea to visit and then I went to yoga. When I got back they were drunk so we searched for food in vain (every restaurant that was open was packed) and went to Dylan Murphy's instead.

On Wednesday Lauren and I went for a walk and ate Chinese food. Our friends from downtown had to leave their powerless apartments and came up to stay with her. The Internet went down (or someone stepped on the cord, still not sure) so we lounged. It was Halloween so we went out for dinner and then to some bars. Everyone was forced to move uptown because of the power outages and lack of water. It's the first time all of my friends were up here in years.

This is Martha. Turns out we're neighbors.
I hope you made it to Pennsylvania safely Martha!
On Thursday I ran to midtown to lunch with Kristen and her boyfriend. I had my doctor's appointment in Columbus Circle afterwards so I ran from my apartment to lunch and then from lunch to the doctor's office. I saw the crane up close. I also got a haircut.

The crane on 57th Street
By Friday I was a little sick of perpetual Saturday. Although the office opened on Wednesday, there was limited public transportation to get there. I continued to work from home but I was getting seriously sick of working, going out, sleeping off the hangover, working, going out, watching tv, working, going out, sleeping off the hangover...

Please let me go back to the office!
I couldn't even handle going out on Friday. I met up with Trin folks for a drink at GoBurger, took a look around Club D's, and headed over to Lauren's for a Twilight marathon. I also ran into this guy I used to know outside of Lauren's apartment. That was neat. Not really but at least my hair looked good and I was wearing real clothes.

I heart Edward Cullen.
On Saturday the weather was gorgeous and I was about to go insane. Sabrina and I met for a run in the park, which finally reopened (although it is again closed today because of the Nor'easter.) We entered the park at 79th, ran the Harlem Hills, cut across the 72nd Traverse, and then walked home. I am apparently super slow and dying of lung failure. In my defense, Sabrina had trained for the NYC Marathon while I am still recovering from running Yonkers straight up drunk. (More on that another day.)

After the run (sorry no pictures), I went to write my FY13 priorities at Dylan Murphy's. I get a surprising amount of work done there. Maybe I should ask for a home office there...

Then I went to yoga.

Mariko Hirakawa teaches Hatha Yoga & Meditation from 5 to 6:30 PM on Saturday evenings. This is the same instructor who teaches vinyasa yoga on Tuesdays at 50th & Broadway.

Multi-purpose Matty M leggings
The official outfit of Hurricane Sandy was black leggings. Everyone was wearing them. I own enough pairs that I hung out in them, slept in them, ran in them, did yoga in them, went out in them, and am still wearing them (no joke, wearing a pair at work right now). I only sent out my laundry once. Never wearing pants again.

Oh yes. We went out on Saturday (a little bit against my will) and I broke my phone again. Hello iPhone #13.

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