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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday 11.14.12

So apparently I've figured out how to blog drunk. Don't worry, I haven't become obsessed with death - I've just remembered how much I like the Flaming Lips. You need to listen to Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. My favorite songs are Are You A Hypnotist?? and Do You Realize?? which are where the lyrics in last night's post are from.

I wrote the post below yesterday because it was Wednesday but then I got drunk and forgot to post it and instead creeped everyone out and then they thought I was depressed. Oops.

Weight Loss Wednesday is back. Here's to accountability, real-life changes, and reaching goals. By goals, I mean fitting in my skinny jeans without the help of a shoe horn. Funny story - a friend of mine recently found a house guest in her apartment using a wooden spoon from the kitchen to put on his shoes. She took it better than I would have.

Today I hopped on the scale and found out that I weight 146 lbs. Eek? I think this is the heaviest I have ever weighed but I know I've been close to this before. My body fat is 27.9%. That made me a little nauseous.

Can anyone explain to me when to use the word nauseous and when to use nauseated? This is one of the bigger conundrums of the week.

I may live to regret these photos, but I think posting these unflattering pics will motivate me to go to the gym and make good eating choices.

November 14, 2012
146 lbs
27.9% body fat
I'm not sucking in or doing anything else to make myself look slimmer than I am. I tried to stand up straight but the camera angle makes it seem like I'm standing on an incline.

In an effort to get active every day, I've been putting my workouts on my work calendar. Last night we had an 8 PM kickball game so two of my teammates went to the Riverside Park track for a quick workout. The track was technically closed because of the hurricane so we had to cut our run a little short. After a half mile warm up, we ran a fast mile, and then jogged a lap, then sprinted half a mile before security shut us down. The mile ended up taking 6 minutes 50 something seconds. This was a little slower than I wanted because the real workout was supposed to be this:

warm up
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
cool down

My best 5K pace is 6 minutes 58 seconds so I should have run the mile in 6 minutes 48 seconds. Next time we'll get to the track earlier and really bang this out.

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