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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strategic Planning

This weekend I made it back to my parents' house. The lack of electricity deterred me from returning sooner but finally their reenactment of Little House on the Prairie ended (really LIPA, nine days without electricity?) and I was able to come get my winter coat. If I thought I had in bad in Manhattan without a winter coat, my parents had it so much worse without heat.

My parents' house.
Their driveway.
I like to go home for many reasons. I like my parents. They are interesting people and they feed me. It is also less expensive to purchase household items and groceries on Long Island. It's extremely inexpensive if your parents frequently purchase those things for you and then slip you extra cash. When I go home I avoid binge drinking, I eat real food, I go to the gym, and I avoid spending money. Going home is great. And my cats are there.
And there's enough room to make a laundry color wheel in my parents' laundry room.
On Saturday I slept in and then ran errands. The cable and internet is still down at my parents' so I felt motivated to get things done. And I was trying to keep my mind off smoking. Today is DAY SEVEN. I headed to the Roslyn Equinox for a solo workout around 6 PM. When I work out by myself, I prefer to go during less packed hours so I can choose my equipment freely and not fight for space.

I did 20 minutes on the CrossRamp. I know I've written about this machine before, but I just love it more than any other cardio machine. It's like an elliptical but better.

Because it's totally normal to photograph yourself like this.
I'll be honest - I'm a little self-conscious of my flabby arms right now, but I hate wearing sleeves to the gym. This photo captured how unshapely they've gotten. I do feel stronger from the yoga though. My embarrassment motivated me to do an arm workout:

Chest press with 15 lbs weights (15 reps)
Shoulder press with 15 lbs weights (15 reps)
Skull crusher with one 15 lbs weight (10 reps, rest between 5)
Tricep kickbacks with 7.5 lbs weights (15)
2 sets

I had perused the August 2012 issue of Oxygen and found the workout below earlier in the day. It seemed like a challenging quick workout I could do on my own and it said it was Army-inspired, which I found fitting for Veteran's Day weekend. It kicked my ass.

20 crunches
20 prisoner squats
20 staggered-hand push-ups (left hand forward)
20 sit-ups
20 prisoner lunges
20 staggered-hand push-ups (right hand forward)
30-60 second plank

I did forty prisoner lunges so I'd have twenty for each leg and a 60 second plank. And then I prayed for mercy. Those staggered-hand push-ups are so freaking hard! I've decided that I will do this workout on cardio days at least once a week. I am going to be able to do one set no problem by New Years.

Today I went to Raj Shtrom's vinyasa flow yoga class at the Equinox in Great Neck. They've redone the bathrooms and showers since the last time I was there and it looks lovely.

Raj's class beats me normally, but after lifting last night, my arms could barely support my weight. I am the lamest yoga practicer in the world, but I am going to stick with it. I want to make sure that I am in shape and that my strength is balanced. I feel like I started back at round zero and that I shouldn't make the same mistakes I've made in the past as I return to working out and better eating.

My gym requires valet parking on Sundays.
I'm proud of myself for not smoking cigarettes for an entire week, but I'm a little worried about keeping it up when I go out. I went out for drinks three times last week and didn't have a cigarette (although I did go to a cigar bar one night.) However, I do get text messages like this one:

Do I need to give up benders? Does this mean I'm growing up? Can I have a six-pack if I give up beer?

Enough of these deep philosophical questions and on to the important things.

Today is Veteran's Day, one of the most important days of the years. I love veterans and have the utmost respect for servicemen and women. I especially love Marines. They're pretty sexy. Take the time today and tomorrow (and every day for that matter!) to thank the men and women who risk their lives to make sure that you and I are safe and free. Thank you veterans! God bless you!

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