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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jason Olson is Awesome

Recently I decided my new thing would be yoga. I came to this decision because I have felt completely out of shape and like I am starting from the ground and building up my fitness level. Even at my most in shape, I've never been flexible and my upper body wasn't as strong as my lower body. I had visible vanity muscles on my arms, but I found downward dog painful and my strength was not balanced. I figured, that if I were starting from the beginning, I should build the foundation I need to be strong and healthy. And I want to be able to stand on my head.

I've been  to nine yoga classes with 7 different instructors in the past four weeks (including this week), with differing experiences. Last night I went to Powerflow Yoga with Jason Olson and I loved it. I loved him. I haven't loved a new workout instructor like this since I first took a class with Yves. CRAZY I know.
Yes, I keep an excel spreadsheet of my workouts. I also have pivot tables.
I was able to leave work earlier than I expected and arrived at 50th and Broadway with enough time to run on the treadmill. I did 15 minutes (okay 14 m 45 s) of sprinting/power walking before yoga class. Then I spent the next 40 minutes sweaty profusely all over my mat and it was gross. I'm glad I got some cardio in and was able to stretch afterwards, but it made class rather unpleasant. 

Does anyone run or spin right before yoga? How do you handle the sweating? 
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Right away I could tell that Jason's class would be a little different. Maybe because he reminds me of my boss's boss's boss? Or when he said this class is called Powerflow and we work throughout it? Or maybe it was when I didn't feel like a complete buffoon while everyone else looked like a graceful swan. Regardless, I felt totally comfortable.

Yay for Facebook, where all of our stalkerish dreams can come true!
There were a few things I particularly liked about Jason's class. I struggle with warrior 1 because I can't seem to get my hip centered to the front. Run 15 miles without training? Sure! Keep my hips aligned? Absolutely not! To help overcome this, Jason had us transition from lunge to straight-legged warrior 1. Then we used one hand to shift our leading leg's hip back. Then we lunged forward, lowered our other hand, and adjusted our other hip. I was much more aware of my body than when I'm flowing all about, trying to look like the lady standing next to me.

I also appreciated the attention to detail. I've been to a bunch of yoga classes over the years but I'm not sure I ever internalized the basics. I want to learn to do each posture correctly. I'm also trying to be aware of my own level rather than pushing towards the more difficult version, which strangely enough is often easier for me.

Tangent - when I was younger I used to ride horses. For the life of me, I could not perform a simple lead change, but the flying change was my jam. My instructor always praised my flying change and eventually gave up on asking me to attempt the simple change, because it was less advanced anyway. Then my parents (smartly!) refused to buy me a horse and that was then end of that.

I'm also a fan of Jason's playlist choices. There was some Led Zepplin and jazz, among other genres. I don't really remember the exact music because I was too busy enjoying myself - in yoga. Blew my mind too.

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