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Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Filing Cabinet, Not a Microwave

I spent the night at my parents' house last night because I went to Cardinal McClosky's Community Services' 10th Annual Take the Stage talent show in Eastchester followed by a wake in Bay Ridge yesterday. I was exhausted and way too tired to be driving on the BQE. Made it home in one piece and went to bed soon after. I didn't head into the office right away because MegaMove took place over the weekend. I knew I had been temporarily assigned to the world's smallest desk.

What is this? A desk for ants?
I got up and ate breakfast. I bamboozled my dad into buying me groceries on Saturday evening and picked out some Greek yogurt, granola, and honey.

I'm not too impressed with Greek Gods Greek yogurt. It's not nearly as thick as Fage and I read that they add thickeners to it instead of just straining it. I bought the non-fat version and it pales in comparison to the non-fat Fage. 

The 365 blueberry almond granola was pretty good. I'm not that big of a granola fan but it seemed like a good purchase. My dad keeps snacking on it so I guess he likes it.

The raspberry honey is delicious. It has just a hint of fruit flavor.

So my morning starts off pretty good. I'm fed. There's an entire closet of clean clothes to wear. I heat up the hot rollers and have a sick hair day. This all goes to hell when I almost miss my train and on the way to almost missing the train realize that I forgot my coat in the hallway closet. I'm super excited to leave the office for yoga tonight. Super. Excited.

To add insult to injury, I finally get to work, cold, pissed off, and baffled why people cannot control their children to find that my mini desk cannot fit me and the tiny ass filing cabinet underneath it. My response is to pull the filing cabinet out and kick it over. (My coworkers must think I am nuts.) But this is when I had my moment of genius. The filing cabinet on top of the desk is the perfect height for a stand up desk. My dream has come true.
Everyone keeps asking if it's a microwave.

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