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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Funday: Burpee Edition

Today I got up when the alarm went off for the third time, put on my workout clothes, and headed to the track. For those of you whose property values aren't being lowered by the proximity of an eyesore of a middle school, finding a track may be more difficult but there's usually at least one in a town. For my Manhattanite readers, there's a really nice track up at Riverbank State Park in Hamilton Heights.

looking fierce with my medicine ball
the eyesore of a middle school
I decided to do a workout modified from a WOD I saw on the CrossFit Hell's Kitchen website. I briefly entertained the idea of doing pull-ups from the jungle gym until I saw that the school replaced the old set that I was thinking of and there's not really a place to do them on the new one. Excuses excuses.

So I mosied on over to the track on the other side of the school with my 8 lbs medicine ball and liter of water to start my workout.

run 1 mile with 8 lbs medicine ball
60 burpees
run 800m with 8 lbs medicine ball
30 burpees
run 400m with 8 lbs medicine ball
15 burpees
Lie in the grass and die

Running with an 8 lbs medicine ball is not easy. The actual WOD had women using a 14 lbs medicine ball, but I don't own one of those so tough luck. I alternated arms each lap around the track and held my iPhone in the other. I'm glad I had my workout playlist to keep me going because it was hot and tiring.

Sixty burpees is harder than running an ultramarathon. That's all I have to say about that.

after the last burpee
that's cool. just leave me for dead.
A soccer team gathered to practice this morning. I think they were a little put off by all the grunting and groaning coming from my side of the field.

yes, I took this from my prostrate position in the grass
Burpees in the grass is a messy business and my shower was covered in clover leaves.

I'm feeling very accomplished for a Sunday morning. Since I'm normally still in bed trying to determine who is lying next to me without waking him up, pretty much anything I do on a Sunday morning is an improvement, but this was a difficult workout and I'm impressed with myself.

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