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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday 6.19.13

Today I stepped on the scale and weighed 137.6 lbs. That is 10.4 lbs less than I weighed last month. Please feel free to applaud.

Now normally on Weight Loss Wednesdays (which happen whenever I damn well feel like it), y'all get photos of me in a sports bra and shorts and a shot of my scale. Sadly, on this joyous occasion, I was sleep-deprived and in a hurry to get to work and completely forgot.

I really wish I were wearing pants today so you could see how flat my stomach is.

Instead you get a creepy photo of me in the bathroom at work. My face is noticeably slimmer, my legs looks amazing if I do say so myself, and I haven't had to apply Body Glide to walk to the bus this week.

Many of my colleagues have commented on my weight loss. I was out of the office a lot and a lot of them travel as well, so they noticed the difference right away on Monday. A lot of them have been asking how I lost the weight and if I did it healthily. I'll let you decide.

I stopped eating Chinese food. I haven't had Chinese food since May 9 and I know that because I checked my Grub Hub orders. I was consuming thousands of calories of ten ingredient fried rice, crab rangoon, and fried dumplings each month.

I spend more time on my feet. I have a stand up desk, which I've had since December, and now I walk to and from my weekly doctor appointments weather permitting. It's a mile each way and that adds up.

I don't eat it unless I want it. This probably sounds obvious but we always have leftover catering or treats in the office. I used to go grab some every time we received an office-wide email, regardless if I had already eaten lunch. Now I only go if it's something I really like to eat.

I drink a lot of coffee. I like my coffee black with nothing in it. (Everyone is always trying to put sugar in my coffee and it drives me nuts.) At about 2 calories per 8 oz cup, I can drink 64 oz and it's not affecting my waistline.

Alterra sent this to our office. No one seems to like it but me.
I drink water and seltzer. I don't really drink juice and I gave up soda. I haven't had a Diet Coke since December 2012 (whoa!) but I did have a full calorie Sprite recently. I was hungover. Sue me.

I'm stressed. I firmly stand behind my future self-help book's title: Hungry People are Mean, Happy People are Fat. I think it's safe to say that 2013 has been the worst year of my life thus far. Life has decided to really let me have it, but I'm not the kind to take shit lying down. I've also done some really great things this year so as much as I claim that I want a mulligan on 2013, I don't think I would redo it if I could. Regardless, when I am focused on getting out of shit, I tend to lose my appetite.

I know that I frequently joke about chasing Adderall with Ritalin and that's how I stay skinny. It's no secret that I am prescribed and regularly take study meds. I've been on them for the past 6 years, except for a time during my first year out of college. Any initial loss of appetite caused by these medications goes away once your body becomes accustomed to them. Believe me, you can binge eat on Addies. Please do not get hooked on legalized speed as a way to fit into your jorts. 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! You look great!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I got your message and will def. take a look later this week. Just got swamped at work (again) but please remind me if I don't get back to you by Monday.

  2. i wanted to post a million clapping emoticons!!!!

    but idk how to do that in this comment box.

    1. Thank you Audrey! I'm very confused about emojis on the computer as well. Let's investigate. I'd also like a unicorn emoji because I think it would help me to express myself better via texts.

      What are your 4th plans? I want to show off in my bikini.


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