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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bikram Yoga Herald Square Review

My friend Sarah recently asked me about hot yoga and I realized I never finished this post on Bikram Yoga Herald Square.

First off, hot yoga just means any type of yoga done in a heated room. Bikram Yoga is the 26 postures sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga and it's not really Bikram unless you're doing it in an approved Bikram studio (read: franchise) with certified Bikram instructors. The classes are always 90 minutes and the room is heated to 105 degrees.

I've been to three Bikram studios and since I am a germaphobe, I was seriously skeeved out by the first two I tried. I went because I love how Bikram makes me feel, but I seriously struggled with the smell, the hygiene of students and staff, and the overall lack of cleanliness. And then I learned about black mold and how it grows under the carpets and I was done.

But then I saw this GILT deal for an unlimited month at Bikram Yoga Herald Square for $45. Since a class usually costs $30, I was enticed. It was supposed to be a brand-new studio that prided itself on cleanliness. Located two blocks away from my office, I hopped in the elevator and went to go check it out. I met with the owner, Elizabeth, who graciously offered to take me on a tour. She had me at hypoallergenic studio flooring. The spotless locker rooms, no time limit on showers (I'm looking at you Bikram NYC), and complimentary mats and towels were just icing on the cake. I obvs returned to my desk to purchase my deal.


Their website describes the studio as,

"New York City's premier and largest Bikram Yoga School. Conveniently located in Herald Square we've designed the space to give you the best possible environment for your yoga practice and to make your overall experience the best it can be from the moment you walk through the door. 

We aim to surpass your expectations with exceptional service, education and support. Not only will you get fit and healthy, but you'll enjoy a friendly, warm environment where everyone is welcome. Come and visit. Prepare to sweat. Expect a change."

Bikram Yoga Herald Square doesn't disappoint. Everyone is super nice. They're not judgy. If you have to pee, they don't make a huge deal about you slipping out to go to the bathroom. Basically everything I ever wanted in a Bikram studio, plus a water machine to refill my gigantic Poland Spring bottles. On top of that, their locker rooms allow you to shower up and look human so you can return to work after a midday session.

I went classes with Anthony, Elizabeth, Gregory, and Veronica. They're all lovely, but Veronica is my favorite. She also had the cutest leopard print yoga shorts so that might have had something to do with it.

The rates are rather reasonable as far as Bikram goes and classes are held throughout the day.

I sent out an email to my office after my studio tour and quite a few of my coworkers signed up. Flopping around on a mat in a puddle of sweat, wearing your underwear is great for office culture.

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  1. Sarah: I'm honored to be mentioned on the blog! I feel like my life is now complete, and I'll do it. Although another idea I had was we should move to Hotlanta after reading the post on your wall about Obama.
    5 minutes ago • Like

    Sarah: Also, as a fellow Presbyterian Republican I too have no love for Obama!
    3 minutes ago • Like

    In Shape Out of Mind: He's gotta go. It's laughable how awful he is. And Bikram is less expensive in Atlanta so this is something to think about, but only if it's hypoallergenic.
    2 minutes ago • Like • 1

    Sarah: I concur on the hypoallergenic, and I'll be lucky to not faint when doing Bikram. But it's definitely worth a try!


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