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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shake Out Run

Today I woke up feeling really good but definitely pretty sore. I managed to sleep for almost seven hours, which is a huge improvement over any other night this week.

I decided to go for a slow run to shake out the soreness in my muscles. My back and legs feel pretty tight still but it was good to get the blood flowing. I went around the cul-de-sac a few times and then called it a day at 5 miles.

If you want to stalk me...

Speaking of 5 miles, look at Lap 5. That's some bullshit. 

I've gotten into running with music lately. Remember the backgammon partner from January 2012? Well, he now goes by DJ Alex Cecil and he's pretty good. (Full disclosure: I in no way supported his DJ dreams and thought it was a ridiculous idea. Well, this is crow and I'm eating it.) 

I use Soundcloud to pull up his mixes on my phone and run to them. I love not having to make my own playlists or fiddling around with Spotify to find a song I'm in the mood to hear. Check him out here. I recommend the "Pardon me for asking" mix for slow long runs, especially if you like Biggie.

Just enjoying some sweet tunes/using a photo op as an excuse to rest.
I also saw a snake on my run! It's body was probably as thick as a pencil but I edited the photo below to look badass. You mean you don't crop out everything that can be used as a frame of reference?

Guess who fits into the running outfit she got from the Professor and the Professor's Wife for her birthday 2 years ago? I'm looking good if I do say so myself.

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