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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Mister Abs Boot Camp

Throwback to the time I went to Mister Abs bootcamp.

I bought a LifeBooker groupon for Mister Abs', aka Levi James, East River outdoor boot camp last spring and went sometime last fall before it expired. (Side Note: is groupon now a noun that can be used for all online deals of its nature? Because if it isn't, we need to get on that.)

From what I remember, it was fun. And look! I made a GIF!

We had different stations and any of the exercises focused on agility. We used resistance bands and we did a lot of crab crawls. I remember that my shoulders were cashed from CrossFit and I didn't want to do anymore push-ups.

The cool thing is that class is held in John Jay Park over on 77th and East End. The weather was beautiful on that particular Saturday and I like training outdoors when possible.

Levi James was a good trainer. He knows his stuff, he's friendly, and he has a lot of energy. The class was small - I think there were 6 of us - but that might have been because it was Saturday morning on a beautiful day and folks were doing other things.

I think I might buy one of these for at home use...

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