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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pink Iron

Member Kristen, Owner/Coach Holly, Coach Barbell, and me having some fun after class.

So this amazing place called Pink Iron exists in real life. It's where Barbie, if she were real and badass, would train and it's probably the most beautiful place I have ever been. I'm a sucker for pink. I had an entirely pink dorm room in high school and loved every damn inch of it.

I found Pink Iron while searching for CrossFits in the West Hollywood area. It's not a CrossFit affiliate but a photo of Barbell the dog appeared and I was like, wherever that dog is, I want to be too. The coaches are L1 certified and the gym follows CrossFit methodology (from what I can tell) and it's basically just awesome. They had mirrors and two treadmills, which is really the only thing that deviated from boxes I've been to other than the awesome decor.

I emailed with Owner/Coach Holly Holton and was welcomed to come by whenever I'd like while I was in town. I picked the 5 PM class, which turned out to be special because a journalist from CBS came and filmed us. The only thing that makes me perform better than the support of other fitness enthusiasts is the opportunity to be seen by others performing better with the support of other fitness enthusiasts. And since burpees were a part of the WOD, I tossed my shirt almost immediately.

The prettiest whiteboard I've ever seen. Anthony, can we get one? please?
We warmed up with a run followed by two rounds of 10 wall balls, barbell good mornings, and PVC pass thrus. I didn't miss a single 14# wall ball. Probably because the ball was pink.

Pink Iron has regular black bumper plates but these pink metal plates were adorable.
I loved loved loved the WOD. Ten rounds of 3 power cleans with burpees for each round. The photo of the whiteboard describes this better than I can so please just scroll up. I used 75#, which was considered RxRx. Felt pretty badass and finished in 6:29. Luci Eisen coached the class and she was spot on when she called me out for buckling my knees in and attributed it to tight IT bands and piriformis muscle. She recommended spending some quality time with a lacrosse ball.

Holly and Barbell
Pink Iron has an incredible culture. You could tell immediately that the women there have a tight community and are welcoming towards new folks. I felt like part of the group from the moment I walked in. I wish I was going to be here longer so that I could go back! If you're a girl and you're in LA, you HAVE to make time to WOD at Pink Iron.

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