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Monday, June 9, 2014

Burpee Challenge

Full disclosure: I stole this idea from CrossFit Central LI

I am partaking in a burpee challenge. Each day for 100 days, I do the number of burpees as the number of days in the challenge. So 1 burpee on the 1st day, 2 burpees on the second day, and so on. I started on June 1 and I finish on September 8. And I'm actually holding myself accountable because I tend to start a lot of things and then don't bother to follow through.

Why have I voluntarily signed myself up to do a burpee challenge alone? I want to see if this small additional amount of work adds up to anything significant.

It hasn't been bad so far. I forgot to do them Saturday but we did 10 burpees as part of the warm-up. I don't believe in cheating so I did an additional 7 yesterday. From what I understand, the Central LI challenge allowed participants to make up missed days.

Check back in with me once we get over 20 a day and perhaps I'll be telling a different tale.

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