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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday: Drew's Chipper

I went to open gym at CrossFit Identity this morning with the intention of catching up on my burpee challenge but when I got there I heard Drew say, "Alessandra wants to do a 30 minute chipper with me," and I said, "Sure." Drew welcomed me to CFID right away and she's a certified coach who comes up with great programming. I was excited that she asked me to participate. Sue and Maren were also game so we went about setting up and warming up.

This workout was hard and the other ladies were finishing their rounds a lot faster than I. They were coming back from their 200m runs as I was starting mine, and while I'm pretty fast at running, I wasn't making the time up. It was hot and I needed the energy for those power snatches.

At one point, during round 3, I starting getting discouraged, and then I remembered I fucking love CrossFit. There was no where I would rather be than at CrossFit so if I finished last, that meant I had some extra time doing what I love. Why was I in a rush on a beautiful Sunday morning with nowhere else to be? This change in attitude made me approach the rest of the workout differently and I finished strong in 30:21. I finished 1:45 after Drew, who finished first using 65#, which is a testament to her programming. Four women with varying ability, strengths, and weak spots all finished within 2 minutes of one another. That's pretty damn awesome.

I think I did my best on the lunges. I chose front rack because I prefer it and it makes my wrists feel good. I think about alternating lunges in sets of 2 and instead of counting "1,1 - 2,2" and pausing, I make myself keep moving and say, "Oone, Twoo" in my mind. It's a weird mental strategy that makes me fast and efficient. Try it and tell me how it works for you.

photos courtesy of Sue

And I'm all caught up on those burpees. Kate, are you?

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