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Friday, June 20, 2014

WOD Times

Every CrossFit box around the world programs a Workout of the Day, aka a WOD, and as the name implies, it is the workout that is offered all of that day. Some boxes also offer boot camps (drives me fucking nuts even though I'm guilty of going), mobility classes, oly lifting, or advanced level programming at times throughout the week, but my experience has been that the same WOD is offered multiple times in the course of one day. So if you're getting the same movements, does the time that you go matter? I say that it does.

Some people have strong preferences about their workout times - they perform better in the morning, they're not awake enough to train before work, they can't go in the evening because it keeps them up all night. But others, myself included, can workout any time. Why should we commit to a WOD time?


It took me a long time to make friends at CrossFit Hell's Kitchen because I was all over the schedule. I went whenever it was convenient for me workwise because my office was literally above the box. Call cancelled? Let me make the 12:05. Day dragging but I have a dinner meeting? I'm hitting up the 4 PM. I went to the 9 PM for a while because I was working in Pacific Standard Time and it was actually easier to just live my life as if it were 3 hours earlier. I got to meet a lot of people but I missed out on being part of a smaller family within the box. If you go every day at the same time, you get to spend every day with the other people who go at that time every day and you start expecting to see them. When you're coming up with excuses as to why you should stay in bed or bail after work, you remember that Anthony and Britney are going to be there tonight and of course you're going to be there too because they're your friends and you want to see them. And some WOD families come up with fun themes like Short Short Fridays (I'm looking at you CFHK 7 AMers.)

I've committed to being a 7 AMer at CrossFit IDentity, but lately I've made some exceptions. One night my plane landed at 12:38 AM so I went to the 6 PM later that day. I couldn't get myself out of bed Tuesday morning and went to the 7 PM. I went to the 6 PM on Tuesday because Tammy from CFHK was supposed to meet me there, but a work thing came up. But yesterday, despite being so effing tired because my thermo kept me up until 1 AM, I got back to 7 AM and I was so happy to see my people.

I've been really enjoying myself and I like my new 7 AM friends. We're usually a small crew but you can't beat the benefits of the coach to athlete ratio. The only drawback to training at 7 AM is what the hell am I supposed to look forward to all day if I've already been to CrossFit?

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