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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CrossFit IDentity

Greetings from the Atlanta airport! I'm off to Houston for a 24-hour business trip and then I'll be back in my new place for a while, fingers crossed.

I joined CrossFit IDentity on Saturday and I've attended the 7 AM WOD the past two days. I really like the people that I've met and Victor is a great coach.

Today I got my first unassisted handstand against a wall. And then I got two more. This has been a goal of mine for a while and I am excited to practice and master this skill.

Took me a moment to realize that Monday was in fact the 2nd.

This met-con was posted on HQ recently and I did it on my own by the track near my parents' house. My time was better then, 11:18 versus 12:07, but I ran past the marker today (oops) and I did my squats on the 800m mark at the track and today I went back into the box with everyone else. I did get the 100 squats unbroken this morning.

Some pictures of the box. Look at that square footage!

My protein order came today just in time for my trip to Houston. I received some free samples and a new shaker so I am all set for tomorrow morning. The last time I packed a ziplock bag of protein, my entire carry-on smelled of Double Rich Chocolate (and still does), so I am glad to have a properly sealed individual serving.

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