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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EQ 360: FIRE

Equinox has added some interesting new classes to the schedule. I attended EQ 360: FIRE, which stands for Fast Integrated Reactive Exercise, this evening.The EQ 360 classes use the new Step360™ Pro. This thing seems to be the lovechild of a traditional step and a BOSU. A flat surface (like the top of the step or the 
underside of a BOSU) is placed on top of two inflated rings of plastic.

Assia Winfield is one of my favorite instructors. She split the class so we spent half an hour doing cardio conditioning and dance moves on the floor, and the last half working on the Step360™ Pro. I wish we had spent some more time working with the Step360™ Pro, but it was a good class just the same.

 Like the BOSU, the Step360™ Pro promotes improved balance and stability. You are going to see results more quickly from doing lunges and squats on an unstable surface than on the floor or on a traditional step. The Step360™ Pro seems easier to use than the BOSU, and is probably safer. Someone always fell off the BOSU during group fitness classes. I've rolled my ankle on it more than once. I did like the little pads on the bottom that kept the BOSU from moving around. The Step360™ Pro has nothing underneath the inflatable chambers, and I don't care what the website tells you, it does move around.

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