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Monday, May 9, 2011

Saved By the Strap Part 2

Awesome run tonight! I ran from my apartment to the F train at 63rd Street. Took that down to West 4th and met the Professor on Varick and Houston. We ran along the West Side Highway until 55th Street and then cut east and north to Columbus Circle. We ran through Central Park until parting ways so the Professor could go to his gym. I continued on until 72nd Street, where I exited the park and continued running until my Nike+ said 5 miles. I actually ran closer to 5.5 miles, but I forgot to start the run on Houston. I hate when I do that. I walked the remaining distance back to my apartment as a nice cool down. Guess what? I covered 7 miles today and knee doesn't hurt at all! Thank you Pro-Tec!

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