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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Liquid Strength

My high school roommate invited me to go to Liquid Strength with her on Thursday at the 63rd & Lex Equinox. My first question was if I needed to bring my bathing suit. HB said no, and that I also didn't need my sneakers. I was intrigued.

Liquid Strength is Story VonHolzhausen's trademarked fusion fitness class. Story created it by identifying the moves that really work from her extensive knowledge of fitness disciplines. This class has won "the Best of NY" as the best new fusion class because it delivers results. It really targets your glutes. You don't wear shoes because your heel is connected to your butt muscles. I'm not kidding. Every exercise we did was so much more intense because we modified our stance so that our heels were staying in contact with the floor. We used light and medium/heavy weights for most of the exercises. None of these moves were radically new to me, but the tweak in form completely changed the workout. It was effing hard! Once you take a look at Story, any doubts you may have about following her form go out the window.

We also did a lot of work on the purple gliding disks. We ran on them, did push-ups on them, and we even did something that looked a lot like middle-aged white people trying to break dance on them. (Oh wait, that's basically what we were. HB and I may be twenty-five, but we've been acting like forty year-olds since we were fifteen.)

I wish someone had been there to snap a picture of HB and I doing this ridiculous looking move where we had to basically Carl Winslow dance with 2 lbs weights. Unfortunately no one was there to do this, so you'll have to settle with this picture. When we were fifteen, we went to stay at a friend's house one weekend. Her mom busted us drinking and made us all go for a 3 mile run. So yes. I have been running hungover for ten years.
I didn't feel like contacting these people about using their likeness this morning.
I covered their faces with black squares instead.
You know what's really creepy? When you literally just finish placing a black square on someone's face and they Gchat you out of the blue. Here's a very special welcome to my newest reader whose messy bun and Patagonia can be seen on the far left of this photo.

In other news, this PR girl who has Target as a client reached out to me about a future spinning event. Apparently she enjoyed my post about Champion C9 for Target shorts - and let's be honest - who wouldn't? Not one, but two pictures of me running marathons in my sassy, bright-colored C9 shorts? She also enjoyed this picture that I sent along.

This is my desk drawer at work. It is filled with Champion C9 for Target gear.
I only file the essentials.


  1. woohoo! I'm thoroughly excited and impressed by your badass workouts and race finishes!! as well as super psyched about re-connecting with a long lost pal from hs--thanks for the shout out, that was a fun wknd with moe-crazy ha! I'll update you when I've completed my first race!! TGIF

  2. I am super excited about you running your first race. Take a lot of pictures and I'll do a whole spotlight on it.

    Don't even get me started on TGIF. I'm working from home today. Conference calls are so much better with Cheerios and baby blankets.


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