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Monday, December 30, 2013

CrossFit Collages from December

Here are some photos from December that never made it into their own posts.

I think I'm getting bigger and I bet a lot of it has to do with poor food choices (Cheetos, Chinese, cookies), but putting on muscle has hopefully also played a part. I like this blog post on accepting your CrossFit body and was glad to see that other women can't fit into their damn clothing anymore either.

Can never have too many locker room selfies.

No really. Never.

Not sure what this was. Maybe a clean?

Craig and Rachel know the value of teamwork and stretching.

Jhon's press is looking baller.

Nicole with a red band.

Wearing the Surfr app t-shirt that Chris sent me. Love it!

Photo time with my new bff Sophia at Andrew's birthday celebration.

Cheering and DJing for Stephen and Brian as they complete the day's WOD after the 9 PM class.
Our coaches are always there to support us. I like being able to support them.

My ugly Christmas outfit.

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