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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12 Days of Christmas CrossFit Kilo Style

This morning I had the pleasure of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas CrossFit Kilo style. I commandeered the rental vehicle for the drive up to Cedar Falls and I remembered how much I love me a Tahoe. It was about a 40-minute drive but totally worth it.

because who doesn't do this in their hotel room?

couldn't convince my sister to join me at CrossFit but she did hit up the hotel gym

ready to roll!
Everyone was super nice but of course they were because this is CrossFit. I love that no matter where you are, there’s a CrossFit community ready to welcome you into their family for that day, week, whatever.

CrossFit Kilo is absolutely huge. I think I came a little bit when I saw that square footage they are working with. What would it take to clear out all of the debatably legitimate businesses on W. 36th between 8th and 9th so that CFHK could have that kind of space? Once I win the Mega Millions, I’m going to find out.

1 rope climbs
2 (35/60) Snatch*
3 Handstand Push Ups**
4 Pistol squats***
5 Yard Sled Pull
6 GHD Sit ups
7 (35/60) Cleans****
8 Pull ups****
9 24″ Box Jumps
10 10 yd shuttles running (down and back)
11 Overhead Lunges 20K
12 Burpees

* CrossFit Kilo measures uses the metric system. Not sure how heavy I went but it felt somewhere around 35#.
** Subbed hand release push-ups.
*** Assisted.
**** Felt somewhere between 50 and 60#.
***** Blue band.

Now I was incredibly psyched for those rope climbs. TWELVE opportunities to get my ass up there was a dream come true, but I started scaling by the fourth climb. I alternated between lying on the ground and hauling myself up to standing and climbing 10ft instead of the 15ft prescribed. Once I started to fall on my fourth climb (like legit fall because my arms couldn’t hold myself anymore and I lost my footing but somehow I managed to save myself with my thunder thighs and get resituated to get down), I asked myself if I wanted to make this fun and finish or make this a test of mental fortitude. It’s Christmas Eve, I was excited to be there, and scaling down wouldn’t be the worst thing, especially if it kept me from spending the rest of the day beating myself up over my performance. I’m pretty mean to myself when I think I should have done better, finished faster, or gone Rx so I didn’t even want to entertain that beast.

I had an amazing 54:00 WOD. It was pretty much organized chaos and it was awesome to have so much space for everyone to be moving around in. My favorite movements were obviously the box jumps and the cleans, but I was surprised by how much I liked the GHD sit-ups. The 20K walking lunges nearly killed me. I went unbroken the first time, but during the last round I only got through 4 at a time and I was on the ground each time.

I find it impossible to do burpees with a shirt on so I took mine off. I also just don't like to wear clothing. Unfortunately I didn't take that astroturf into consideration. Ouch.

54:00 even selfie because I have to send live updates of my life via text

A big thank you to CrossFit Kilo and Coach Armand for having me!

Armand McCormick tied for 23rd in the 2011 CrossFit Games. NBD.

A sweaty hot mess for the drive back to Independence.

It looked so cold outside that I sat in the car in the parking lot of the hotel for a while.

Independence, Iowa
Team Dangerous Christmas

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