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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Volunteering at Tough Mudder Tri-State

Way back on October 12, my friend Susie and I volunteered at Tough Mudder Tri-State. If you have the opportunity to volunteer, I highly recommend it. Not only do you get to participate in a future Mudder of your choice for only $20, you get to spend the day with some pretty awesome people.

We manned the Phoenix obstacle. We all know how I feel about pyrotechnics so I was effing thrilled. The most amazing part of the day was witnessing the love the guys from the Adaptive Sports Foundation showed each other as they completed every single obstacle, no matter what. I was honored to carry their packs around to the other side of the pit.

Enjoy the photos. If they say Tough Mudder on them, they are property of Tough Mudder.

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