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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Funday: Let's Pack as Much Fun Into Today as Possible

This morning I was in my car by 7:45 AM on my way to the Greenbelt Trail to meet my running friend Michael for a quick run. We were supposed to do the full 15ish mile loop yesterday but there was a bit of a miscommunication. Since I absolutely refuse to miss Oly Sunday if I am on Long Island, I had exactly one hour to run and not a minute more.

It was a warm 36 degrees this morning so I wore compression calves sleeves and compression arm sleeves underneath leggings, a tech long-sleeved shirt, and my winter running jacket. I also wore gloves and a hat.

As you can see, I am thrilled to be freezing my ass off in my car. 
 Michael and I set out and I kept up reasonably well. It was great to be able to see how he chose to navigate the trail and I tried to mimic what he was doing. I lost sight of his orange jacket and as usual, couldn't find the next trail marker, so I said fuck it and turned back. It was almost 8:30 AM anyway and I wanted to be able to eat before Oly Sunday.

Time to head back!


I made a pit stop at my favorite place on earth before heading home to rinse off and get changed.

Cold enough that I ordered hot instead of iced.
 I hopped back into the car and drove back towards Syosset to CrossFit Central LI for my favorite day of the week. I got my power snatch up to 65#. I got my power clean and jerk up to 90# and my power clean up to 100#. I REALLY wanted to power clean and jerk 100# but I was just too tired by that point. Very frustrating but a good day.

We didn't do the WOD because everyone had pretty much run out of gas. Chad, if you're reading this, can we do this WOD the next time I come out for Oly Sunday? I got a few more single pull-ups after class. Now my goal is to have two in a row by the end of the week.

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