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Monday, December 23, 2013

Home for the Holidays

I came back to Long Island last night and leave for Iowa in a few hours. I obviously couldn't leave without making it to CrossFit Central LI so I drove over this morning for the 5:45 AM WOD.

I was a little sleep deprived/hungover from my cough medicine, but felt pretty good going into it.

5 rounds
Deadlift 4 Reps @same weight as last week

30 Double Unders

5 rounds
5 Power Cleans @185/125

10 Burpees

Chad told me to use 60-70% of my 1RM for the deadlifts. My estimated 1RM is 219 so 131# would have been 60% but I felt good at 123#. I was struggling with my doubleunders, as usual, until I spotted the cable ropes hanging on the wall. Anthony and Dennis have been ragging on me to get a lighter rope for a while now and I hate to admit it, but they were absolutely right. I got 15 unbroken doubleunders once I switched ropes. I guess it's time to invest in one.

I had REALLY high hopes for my power cleans but I had to drop down to 73#. I really liked this WOD because it was simple but took a lot of effort. It seemed that I was constantly getting back down for another round of burpees. I finished in 9:09 and my entire workout was over by 6:30 AM. Can't beat that.

And because I can never resist the opportunity to post an ugly photo of myself on the internet, here is a picture I found on my phone from after the party Saturday night. My hair looks great but I was clearly overserved.

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