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Monday, December 2, 2013

Rest, a Four Letter Word and Other Challenges

Today is my rest day and I am already feeling anxious and restless. I don't like to rest, I find it difficult to sleep, and I prefer to be moving. But you don't get stronger if you don't let your muscles recover, so today I'm taking the day off from CrossFit and will likely find myself running instead.

December is a new month and it's time to challenge myself.

Yesterday, December 1, I returned to my apartment with two closets full of clean clothing and one closet full of clean linens. Can I go until December 22 without doing laundry?
Yes, my studio apartment has 3 closets.
I might not have 18 sports bras and I know I have to buy some black tights, but otherwise I think I've got this.

CrossFit Central LI is having cleaning eating competition from December 2 to February 3. I've decided not to buy into the pot, but I am going to participate. This morning I weighed 144.6 lbs and had 27.9% fat. Woohoo! Someone had fun this Thanksgiving. My plan is to get pretty dang close to paleo, but I'm not going to freak the fuck out if something has butter in it or if a green bean is technically a legume. I will be eating whatever the hell I want on Christmas day and that's just fact.

To help me eat better, I have started ordering from Kettlebell Kitchen. The meals are 100% paleo and delivered to my box, downstairs, beneath my office. All I have to do is show up for work and I have food! The cost is pricey if you are used to making all of your own meals, but if you order in or pick up lunch from any of the specialty markets in midtown, you will actually spend less on these higher quality meals.

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