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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do I Need More Shoes?

I picked up my Ritalin prescription from my pediatrician's office today and got to see the object of my affection. The receptionist at my pediatrician's office is incredibly sexy, and he speaks Spanish, and I'm in love with him. Yes, I realize that I am twenty-four and I still go to a pediatrician. Yes, I realize that I am the only patient that can drive herself to the office. No, I don't have a problem with this.

Now I couldn't drop the prescription off at the local CVS because I might have verbally threatened one of the pharmacists last month. He was wrong, I was right, and he was being mean. And maybe I wanted a cigarette really badly and decided to take that out on him. I have been planning to make a trip over to Trader Joe's anyway, and lo and behold, there's a CVS right next door. I was able to stock up on tasty snacks and get my uppers refilled.

Since Trader Joe's is about the size of my parents' garage, I ran out of things to look at quickly and needed to kill some time. I went into Incredible Feets to take a look around and ended up having an awesome chat with the owner about Vibram footwear and the book Born to Run. He pretty much convinced me I need to buy two more pairs of Vibrams, but I managed to get out of the store before handing over my credit card. I need to mull over these purchases because I don't wear the ones I already have as much as I should. However, if I were to buy them, I'd buy them from this guy because customer service really does make a difference.

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