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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GapFitBody Makes What?

So I'm sitting here during my lunch period, shoveling a salad with no dressing* into my mouth (you can have nuts or dressing in a salad, not both), trying to make myself feel better because I am convinced my children are trying to get me fired, so obviously that means I'm online shopping for workout clothes.

After following the links off of a series of emails (I really do subscribe to emails about workout clothes), I found myself on looking at GapBodyFit. Workout clothes, from the Gap? Blasphemy, I said, until I saw what they had to offer. This reminds me of the time I retired multiple pairs of Sevens and Blue Cults in favor of Gap Real Straight leg jeans.
the Front Skort courtesy of
Fondly remembering my days at day camp, I will forever be a skort wearer. The skort combines the convenience (and modesty) of shorts with the cuteness of skirts. In Shape Out of Mind fully endorses looking pretty while kicking ass.

If I can scrape together the money after paying my new personal trainer and my bar tabs (plural), I will definitely be purchasing this skort and some other supercute items.

* Waldens Farms makes some pretty tasty zero calorie salad dressing. They are a little watery, but taste pretty dang close to the real thing. They have ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, blue cheese, Caesar, creamy Italian... yup, pretty much everything. But since I've eaten dry salads for so long, I don't miss, or even really like dressing anymore. 

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