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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"ViPR was created from a need to evolve training tools, foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. Movement is fundamental. And what makes up effective movement is a blend of lifting, shifting and twisting." - Michol Dalcourt, creator of ViPR

Today I tried Equinox's ViPR class for the first time. I have eyed this in session before, and have meant to make an appearance for a while. It looked like something I might be into, mainly because it involved a lot of squats.

The ViPR is a large plastic tube with different hand-grips. It can be used in place of a body bar and hand weights. Basically, it's just kind of awesome.

Dana Mancini teaches this one-hour class at Roslyn at 6 pm on Wednesdays. I have taken a TRX Suspension class with her, and I like her style. She's no-nonsense but she's not nuts. Dana lead us through a series of lunges with the ViPR. First we lunged. Then we threw it on the ground while lunging and then had to pick it back up. We did squats with the ViPR. We did squats with shoulder presses with the ViPR. And chest presses. And variations of the two. We did abdominal work on the mats with the ViPR. That silly plastic tube was suitable for practically everything! And when it wasn't, such as with flies and one-armed rows, we switched to hand weights. 

I broke a sweat, but I wasn't drenched. Normally I see this as a sign of a bad workout, but my arms are already sore. I actually feel my ab muscles again, and it's been weeks since I've felt that way. I give Dana's ViPR class an A. The hour flew by, which tends to happen when you're having fun.


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