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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Girl Talk of Fitness

ADD'ers rejoice! Have you ever been in a group fitness class, only to get a little bored after twenty minutes? You find yourself losing focus in favor of thinking about which cute boy (or girl) you could be texting to arrange a post-workout rendezvous. Or your distracted by someone's flashy new sneakers. Or maybe you suddenly wish you had gone to a different class entirely? Problem solved. Coco and Yves are offering mash-ups of Zumba, Dance Fusion, kickboxing, and boot camp that keep you pumped and working for the entire 90 minute class.

These special event classes go by the name @#$&* Loco with Yves and Coco. To stay in the know, check regularly, because today's class came out of left field.

You can't not have fun and there's something for everyone. Coco's Zumba was challenging for me (hello two left feet), but I think I owned it during Dance Fusion. The music keeps changing, the moves keep changing, even the instructors keep changing. It's the Girl Talk of fitness if you will.

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