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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Running Injuries

I feel like I have been beaten with a wooden stick. The people I know who run all the time are always injured, which is why I rarely run. See the Moratorium on Running to read about my philosophy about running and races. I am proof that people who train for races by NOT running win.

My knee has been bothering me since I put on 20 lbs. I mean it makes sense, that's a lot of extra weight pounding down on my knees during plyo moves. It had felt better until Sunday's race, but now it's affecting my ability to walk normally. I have a distinct gait to begin with; I don't need anything else calling attention to the way I move. I did a little online research and I think it's my IT band acting up.

The bones on the edge of my left foot aren't feeling too hot either. I hope I don't have a stress fracture because that's going to put a serious damper on my 10 mile run this Saturday. I don't know how I used to run cross country. We never did any cross-training, and my ankles were always killing me.


  1. i had a stress fracture and my knees just basically went out :( i was running with nike free's at that time, nike 360's are so much better on my knees

  2. I never had any knee problems until I got a pair of Nike Frees. Some people love them, but I'm thinking they might do more harm than good.


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