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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Weight Loss Wednesday 8.1.18

I won the Affinity Athletic Summer Shred Challenge! Honest to goodness, came in first place! I made some pretty good progress but I actually only lost about a pound between April 29, 2018 and July 22, 2018.

My before photos are below with my hair up. I took two sets - one neutral and one letting it all hang out. I weighed 152.2 that weekend.

These three photos were taken standing in a neutral position. I wasn't sticking my tummy out and I wasn't flexing. I took them with the auto setting on my iPhone.

I checked the rules of the challenge before taking these photos and we were allowed to make ourselves look as chunky as we wanted. I made sure to eat a lot the night before and reverse flex as much as possible. These are the photos I officially submitted as my before photos.

These are my after photos on July 22. The pilot took them for me. I am flexing. I weighed 151 lbs.

So what actually changed?

1. Body Fat: My body fat percentage lowered from 23.1% to 22.5%. I have increased muscle definition and my back fat has reduced. I learned it's pretty hard to manipulate a back fat photo no matter how hard you flex!

2. Training: I go to CrossFit four days a week. I usually workout for about two hours. I go to class, I do some physical therapy exercises, I do programming I get from my coach to work on my weaknesses, and I do the "extra piece" if I have the time. 

3. Diet: I initially lowered my calories from ~2,300 to ~1,600. Now I'm back up to ~1,900 - 2,000. My estimated maintenance calories are around 2,000 so I'd like to hang out here for a while to see if I can continue to recomp.
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