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Monday, November 11, 2019

Frank Photos at the End

Lately I have been trying out this novel idea of doing things I enjoy and not doing things I dislike. I sometimes find myself forcing myself to stick to an arbitrary schedule (I only go to yoga one day a week because I have too many other fitnessy things to do!), when in reality, I can cancel a spin class for another yoga class whenever I want. Sometimes I want to spin 5 days in a row. Breaking useless rules I have created myself has been freeing. And it's also made me feel a little silly. Why did I come up with all these restrictions in the first place?

My favorite Dancing Dogs Yoga teacher Zach taught three evening classes last week instead of the usual one. I went to all three of them because I could. That's me on the right with the pink sports bra in fish pose. I'm feeling a whole lot more flexy this week. I went to the Friday night Power Beats class for the first time and it was weird to hear music while doing yoga but I didn't hate it. I found it much harder to be present and my mind kept wandering. The playlist was [insert fire emoji].

Yesterday we took the dogs to Sweetwater Creek State Park for the first time and hiked the 3 mile yellow trail. Daisy Mae was a real trooper and only needed carrying up one hill. Dachshunds are much heartier animals than many give them credit, and a dachshund mix like Frank can handle even more exercise. 

My friend Jamie from Rukus has inspired me to start doubling up my spin classes. She doubles all the time and still comes in first place during her second class. It makes more sense for me to double because it allows me to attend my class goal (4 classes a week) in fewer days since I am capable of two 45 minute spin classes. This frees me up for more yoga (see above.)

With the Open finally almost over, I felt comfortable going back to CrossFit. I took my first regular weekday CrossFit class and did a normal WOD for the first time in months. I was able to run, doubleunder, burpee, and deadlift pain free. While I did have to scale the deadlift weight from 155# to 105#, my form looked pretty damn good, even at the end of the workout. I'm looking to go to CrossFit once a week for a bit and get my fitness back. I got Fran cough 4 minutes into a 27 minute WOD. I am a shell of my former self. [insert crying emoji | insert laughing tears emoji]

Frank is extremely photogenic and open to modeling work. Please DM for details.

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