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My excessive energy, extreme narcissism, and intense love of neon-colored spandex is both managed and fueled by my addiction to fitness. I push myself to extremes and I push other people's buttons. Obviously I needed my own blog.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fitness Fanny Pack

It's hard being an active girl on the go. You need your apartment keys, your iPhone, headphones, Chapstick, not to mention your license and a credit card for post-run beers at Dylan Murphy's. You can't shove all of this stuff in your sports bra, even when you've got extra room in it like I do. Although I have managed a four mile trail run with a Chapstick and a set of car keys in mine.

I'm looking surly because it was f'ing hot out.

You need a fitness fanny pack. I recently switched from the SPIBELT to iFitness Inc.'s Ultimate Running Belt. This neoprene belt has a pouch that lies flat and stays in place. There's an inner pocket for your ID, money, and credit cards. Loops are located along the belt to store your goos, and, this is the kicker, you can attach your race bib to the belt without annoying safety pins! Just removed the spring-loaded toggles, slip the strings through the bib holes, and reattach the toggles.

I love this thing, so much so that I bought it as a birthday gift for my running pal and college bestie Rifle. Hers is pink. Mine is black. Both are supercute. However, I saw the Ultimate Race Belt II, which has an additional pocket, on iFitness Inc.'s website and now I wish I had it. Perhaps iFitness Inc. would like to send me an Ultimate Running Belt II, and I would happily write a review of it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

NYRR Queens Half Marathon

Mile 13.

You should really read those emails you receive from New York Road Runners very carefully. I don't, which is why I'm always freaking out race day morning. Somehow I got myself convinced that half marathon started at 7:30 AM instead of 7 AM (maybe it was the date July 30th or 7/30?) and I realized this at 6:46 AM stuck behind the slowest moving station wagon of all time. I started having a conniption. I actually rummaged around in my glove compartment until I found an ancient pack of cigarettes and lit one up. Yeah, not so proud of that one.
I need to lay off the beer.

Luckily my mom was with me and she was able to save the day. I was pulling off at the exit for Flushing Meadows Corona Park when I realized it was blocked off by a police cruiser. This nice elderly man from NYRR (I really should learn his name since I see him all the time) was there and explained that this entrance was closed but that I had time to get to the starting line. I whipped off my shirt (it was way too hot to run in anything but shorts and a sports bra) and ran up the exit ramp into the park, leaving my mom to find parking for Petunia. As luck would have it, many cars were still roaming the park so the race was delayed by ten minutes while volunteers cleared the roadways.
My hair is SOAKED with sweat.

The race began a little after schedule, but the energy was high as we circled the Unisphere. A DJ had been hired to provide music for the event, which was pretty awesome if you ask me. I don't like to race with headphones because I think people who do are menaces to the running community, but I definitely value a pump up song or two. Speaking of headphone wearing menaces, while plodding along near mile 6, this guy, oblivious to his surroundings because of his earbuds, shuffled into the course of another (much faster) runner. They had a minor collision which I somehow got into when I was accidentally kicked in the leg as they flailed about. Don't worry about my thunder thighs - they can withstand almost anything, but I would've found myself in a much worse predicament if I hadn't been alert and ready to jump away from them. Please, take off the damn headphones!
Thankfully some parts of the race had shade.

At one point while running by the Van Wyck, I swore I saw Lady Gaga sitting on a guardrail watching the race. Obviously everyone around me had never heard of Lady Gaga, so I, alone, was the witness. I tried to tell my mother that I saw her but she accused me of mistaking a realistic trannie for the real thing. (UPDATE: Lady Gaga was on The View and said she went to watch a running race in Queens! So hah! I was right!)
Both feet off the ground means you are running.
The duration of the race was hot but doable. I was very sweaty and very thirsty. Luckily NYRR volunteers had hoses to mist us with. The Unisphere also gave off some spray as we circled it again.

This was my first half-marathon since the one I ran in high-school at the Island School. While I knew I was fully capable of running the thing, I wasn't exactly sure what my pacing would look like. I definitely felt myself fading by mile 10, but I just focused on my turnover, shortening my stride and keeping my feet moving.

Just keep moving.
After I reached mile 13 (see rainbow, Unisphere photo above), I just through myself into the last tenth of a mile. I started hollering and encouraging the crowd to cheer for me. Everyone loves my sunglasses, so it's really not that hard. I would like to call special attention to my muscular calves as I power my way towards to finish line. Anything to call your attention away from my way-to-tight running shorts...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look at How That Hip Bone is Connected to Those Thighs

It's no secret that I absolutely love Miles Fisher. I'm shameless in my pursuit of this guy, as can be seen by my social media accounts. The day I received a Facebook message from him, I nearly choked on my coffee and needed to be revived by a 9 year old. We had an extra 11 minutes of recess in celebration (I was actually trying to get the inappropriate thoughts out of my head before the day's read aloud. Awkward.)

I've been killing my iPhone battery playing Fisher's "This Must Be the Place" youtube video, so I sent him a tweet asking how to get an mp3 file of it. 

I am aware that this makes me look like a stalker.

I downloaded "New Romance" and "This Must Be the Place" and took off for my 5 mile training run. I had such a good time singing along to "New Romance" that I ran an extra 2 miles. To enjoy your own Miles Fisher running soundtrack click here.

Or listen:

New Romance

This Must Be the Place

Saturday, July 23, 2011

NYRR Sprint Triathlon

I volunteered at Saturday's NYRR Spring Triathlon in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. I woke up at 4 (yes, 4 AM) and got myself ready to go. I had to bring the things I would need for my trip up to New Rochelle, and thinking logically that early in the morning is pretty difficult for me. I managed to get myself organized and into the car. I made it to Flushing with time to spare, only to get lost outside of the park. I drove around in circles, getting increasingly more frantic for close to forty minutes. It was miserable. I angrily shouted, "They should have effing volunteers directing traffic!" only to realize that I was said volunteer. Oops.

I finally figured out where I was supposed to park my car, and headed into the park. Since I was late, my friend T had already been assigned to a group, and I had to join the rest of the stragglers. I was put on Run Zone 1 duty. My partner Miguel and I took to our station and waited for the race to begin. We were lucky to be placed close to the bike route, and we soon realized that the bike volunteers needed our help. I directed the cyclists to turn left and stay to the right of the cones.

At about 7:45am, I headed back to my official post to direct the first runners. The run portion was 3 miles and I was stationed at about the half mile mark. I soon became bored with merely telling the runners to run this way and stay on their right, so I decided to cheer them on. It was brutally hot, and most of the athletes looked pretty tired after their half-mile swim and thirteen mile bike ride. I remembered the group of Boy Scouts who cheered for me during my ultramarathon. No matter how many times they saw me trekking along, they yelled out my bib number and told me I could do it. I decided to bring this enthusiasm to this race. And let's be honest, the fast triathloners didn't need much encouragement - they knew they could do it. It's the runners in the back, who are tired and thinking about giving up, who need to be cheered for. They know they're not going to win, and maybe they think their efforts don't matter, but they most certainly do. So I cheered, and I jumped, and I even ran about 100 feet with one guy. I complimented runners on their apparel - I especially liked the Tri Latino tri-suits - and their sneakers. I wanted them to know that finishing made them winners. They were so close to the finish line, I didn't want anyone to give up. Miguel and I stayed at our posts longer than required because we could see runners still coming towards us. We didn't want anyone to miss out even if they might not get an official time. I think our efforts paid off as a lot of competitors thanked us when we headed over to the finish to hand in our vests and lanyards.

I really enjoyed myself, almost more than when I'm competing. I definitely recommend volunteering because you get to help other athletes reach their goals.

Miguel and me after the NYRR Spring Triathlon

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Importance of Keeping a Food Log

It's no secret that I have put on some weight in the past year. Long story short, I stopped being accountable for what I ate. I was accountable when I kept track of what I ate. I should've stuck with the food log.

I'm back at it and I have already cut down my calorie intake significantly without starving myself. It's amazing how seeing what you've eaten affects your appetite. I know I shouldn't be hungry if I ate a 600 calorie dinner, and I am able to tell myself that I am full. It's easy to overeat thousands of calories each week if you're not aware of what you're consuming.

I use Tap&Track on my iPhone. The newest version is the most convenient iPhone food tracking app I have ever seen, and I highly recommend it. I'm a little creeped out by the new Social function (I mean I guess I could start tweeting my meals?) but I'm impressed by the new and improved food database.

However you choose to do it, you need to keep a record of what you are eating. You will get results.

Shut Up and Jump! - Family Skydiving Trip

We went skydiving in celebration of my sister's 21st birthday. Nothing says, "You can legally drink" like jumping from an airplane at 10,000 feet and freefalling with a man strapped to your back for sixty seconds. This is allegedly part of my birthday present as well, but no professional skydiver sang to me or wished me a happy birthday so let's see about that next month.

We scheduled our skydiving extravaganza with Long Island Skydiving Center in East Moriches, New York. East Moriches is located on the eastern end of Long Island. There are directions on the website. My sister, my mom, and I got in the car at 11:30am, as planned, and then realized that my father was no where to be found. We awkwardly remained in the car in the driveway for thirty-seven minutes while we waited for him to return. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. Clearly something is the matter with him... and with us. Eventually we were on our way out east.

You don't just arrive at a skydiving place, sign your life away, and take off in a plane. There's a lot of waiting involved, but there is much entertainment to enjoy while you wait. First you have to watch a video of a man that looks like a white Osama bin Laden informing you of the joys and dangers of skydiving. Then you initial a bunch of forms. Then the staff videotapes you reading a statement that says you realize you are voluntarily risking your life and and no one is making you jump out of a plane, and that you might (probably?) die and you promise you won't sue them from the afterlife. Only then are you allowed out of the trailer (yup, the trailer) and permitted into the tented yard. The family gathered at one of the picnic tables where we proceeded to viciously make fun of all of the other people waiting to jump from the sky. We also ate hot dogs from the roadside stand.

Where's the candy?

About an hour passed before it was our turn to get into the rapist van and drive to the hanger. An unfortunately-shaped woman named Martha and her boyfriend also got in the van. Martha was jumping to celebrate her 29th birthday. Martha is from Connecticut.

Once at the hanger, we met a bunch of cool people who jump out of planes for a living. We got strapped into our harnesses, waited around some more, and then met our skydiving instructors. My sister was going to jump with Jarred and I was going to jump with Joe. We maneuvered ourselves into a small plane, and then the pilot took off. We had an incredible view of West Hampton Beach and Fire Island. Joe gave us a nice guided tour as we circled around. The flight is eighteen minutes long, just enough time to forget what you're doing up there, and then it's time to jump!

My sister had requested (loudly demanded) that she go first. Jarred hooked himself onto her harness, opened the door, and then they were gone! I wasn't nervous about jumping (mostly because I refused to think about it), until I felt the rush of cold air and saw my sister disappear from an airplane. Joe has hooked himself onto me by this time, and he's telling me to move towards the front of the plane. I have to do this on my knees (keep the dirty jokes to yourself, thank you) and the cold air is rushing in my face, and I'm thinking that maybe this wasn't the best idea. Joe puts his leg out onto the ledge, I put my leg out onto the ledge, I cross my arms, Joe crosses his over mine, and then we jump!

Are we there yet?

I think I closed my eyes at first. We are plummeting towards the earth. It takes me a moment to realize what is going on, but then I remember and it is the coolest feeling ever. I can see the ocean, and the beach, and people's backyards, and their pools. It is awesome. My favorite part was the free fall, and I could have done without the long parachute landing. I was more concerned about landing in a tree than falling and dying. I've seen that tree impaling episode of Grey's Anatomy and it does not seem like a pleasant experience. After what seemed like forever, we got closer to the ground, and I lifted my legs, basically making my body into a right angle. We had a safe and simple landing, and I waited to put my feet down until Joe instructed me to. It's your instinct to put your feet down as you approach, but you can break your ankles this way. Since I have marathon training to do and races to run, Joe didn't have to tell me twice to keep my legs up until the very end. We had a great day. Best birthday celebration ever! Woo!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I Think I Can Dance

It's taken me a few years, but I think I have finally developed some rhythm. Today Yves taught a 90 minute Dance Fusion class at Fusion Fitness in Great Neck. Dance Fusion has minimal choreography so its not overwhelming for us non-dancers, but it's still an intense workout. Yves breaks down the movements of each dance, providing ample time to practice each step. I am always amazed by the playlist - how does the same dance performed at different speeds fit so many different songs? How does Yves manage to do this for three different dances each time class? Is it a secret talent? Is there an app for that?

Somehow all the classes I have taken came together today and I managed to actually dance. I adopted my Dance Persona from the very beginning, and successfully executed moves I normally stumble my way through. Perhaps my dream of being a backup dancer in a rap video is closer to coming true than I thought...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coconut Water

You've probably seen coconut water in your local grocery or specialty food store. This refreshing beverage is the liquid found inside of young coconuts. It is packed with electrolytes and contains more potassium than a banana. I can't think of a better drink to rehydrate you post-workout. Stay away from sugar-laden sports drinks. At just 60-80 calories per serving, you are much better off with coconut water. The most common brands are Vita Coco, Zico, and O.N.E, which stands for One Natural Experience. My favorites are Vita Coco and O.N.E because of their clean taste. Zico makes me nauseous to be quite honest.

Today my coworker and I went on a field trip to the Museum of American Finance, the Federal Building, and the Trinity Church Mausoleum. We ate a tasty (if not healthy) lunch at Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown. On the way back to the subway we passed a fresh, young coconut stand. Real fresh, young coconuts (it's actually a brand) and a man has to use a machete to hack it open for you. As much as I like Vita Coco, this was better. The water was clear and crisp like Vita Coco, but had a much stronger nutty aftertaste. I sucked it down quickly, and my only regret was not buying another one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I didn't really feel up for running, but I know that just getting out there can change my attitude, so I put on my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s and left the house. I ran through the town of Oyster Bay along South Street, which is where I encountered the first jackass of the day. I'm clipping along and this guy is signaling me to stop so I take out one of my headphones and he goes, "Slow down! I could give you a speeding ticket!" Really? Gag me. If this man is in law enforcement, we should be ashamed and frightened. Tell me he gets some kind of reduced salary for stupidity.

After some intense eye rolling (and I may or may not have called him a jackass), I hung a right on East Main Street. East Main Street turns into Cove Road. I haven't run on Cove Road since last winter, and it's a lot more pleasant without snow. I saw the Teddy Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary on my right, and thought it might make for a nice run. I was right. The TR Bird Sanctuary has nicely maintained, mulch-covered trails. I took off my headphones, enjoyed the sounds of nature, and got a little hill workout in. The people who work at the Sanctuary is very friendly, and I (figuratively) ran into staff members on my way out. We greeted one another, and then I set off back along Cove Road.
The Teddy Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary

Another shot of the trail at the TR Bird Sanctuary

The further I ran, the better I felt, so I decided to turn today in to my long run day. This made sense because I have stuff to do tomorrow anyway. I saw Yellow Cote Road approaching and made a right onto it. The East Woods School is on Yellow Cote Road. I graduated from East Woods in 2001, and decided to see the tall building on top of the hill. I haven't run that driveway since a Turkey Trot in the late 90s, and it was still difficult.

The East Woods School

After reminiscing about the good olds days, and realizing that I looked like a creeper stalking small children at day camp, I headed back out. Forgive me forgetting about Discovery Camp. I went to the school for twelve years. Just because I am a sweaty mess in a sports bra and shorts doesn't mean I don't have every right to be there. Who sends their kids to Discovery Camp anyway? Now I had to get home, so I ran to 25A and headed west. The remaining 3.5 miles (give or take) of my run were filled with many jackasses. I have come to expect the men leaning out of gardening trucks to oggle me, but today reached a new low. And the Jackass of the Day Award goes to the guy in a G Wagon (honestly, who still drives those?) who drove into the breakdown lane and tried to play chicken with me.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

I bought my first pair of Brooks running shoes last weekend. I'm in love. After more than a year struggling to run in shoes that just never felt right, my new sneaks have me running happy.

Brand spanking new sneakers.

The Adrenaline is a support shoe available for both men and women. It feels cushioned, but not so much that I couldn't feel the road. I felt like I was able to run in my "real gait" if that makes any sense. The shoes fit my arches and are very comfortable. When I left for my run this morning, the right heel felt loose and began to slip, but I tightened the laces and corrected the problem.

Yes, my nail polish matches my new shoes.
I have taken my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s on road (asphalt), pavement (sidewalks), track, and mulch-covered trail. These versatile shoes held their own. They provided the stability and support I need, while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Two thumbs up from In Shape Out of Mind.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reunited with Bonne

Bonne Marcus taught me everything I know about fitness. Before I met Bonne, I was a girl who spent 30 minutes on a treadmill five days a week and wondered why I didn't have any muscular definition in my upper body. I skipped regular meals and relied on six-packs of sugar-free Red Bull to get through the day. Then I discovered Bonne and group fitness. The very first class I went to (back in 2007) was Cardio Intervals. Today I had the great pleasure to take this wonderful class again with my wonderful friend.

Bonne now teaches at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center in Roslyn, New York. The JCC has a beautiful Wellness Center that is available to its members, as well as the public for a fee. Us non-members can attend a group fitness class for $20. Bonne very nicely put me on the guest list.

So this morning my alarm goes off at 6:57 am and it takes me a moment to figure out what's going on. Do I have work? Which work? Where am I? Do I have to drive to Brooklyn? Are there children involved? Once I remember that I am getting up to go workout with Bonne, the biggest smile appears on my face and I go in search of an all black workout outfit. I need to look slim. I've put on 20 lbs. I'm kind of embarrassed.

I ate oatmeal and almond milk for breakfast (stay tuned for a post about breakfast choices in the near future), and head off to the JCC. It's conveniently located off of 25A and I arrive in plenty of time.

Bonne's classes are most importantly fun. I have never been unhappy in one or itching to leave early. If you're not enjoying yourself, it's more difficult to give 100% of your all. It's doable. I've done it. It's not pleasant. The next best thing about Bonne's classes are the variety. Bonne says she's ADHD when it comes to exercise, and this means that you get to use lots of great fitness toys. After a solid warm-up (I love marching. More people should march) we got on the step for some basic rights and basic lefts. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Step is the best thing that you can do to firm up your legs. All of your muscles are targeted from your calves to your inner and outer thighs. You can work your glutes and your core while working your legs from different angles. Step is great, and not offered nearly enough. Today we also used the BOSU, medicine balls (really cute little ones that I found much more manageable than the bigger balls of the same weight - keep the dirty jokes to yourselves), and resistance bands.

I had so much fun, and it was great to see Bonne. If you live near Roslyn, definitely check out Cardio Intervals on Thursday mornings and Super Sculpt on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Racing Athena

Most people can't believe this when I tell them, but I am 145 lbs. Actually, the scale said I was 145.6 lbs this morning. Or as my mother said the other day, and I quote, "How do you run so much, and so fast, and...?" My weight qualifies me to race as an Athena, which is a euphemism for heavier woman. I haven't signed up as an Athena in the past because I tend to place in Long Island races as a "regular runner," but I have my eye on this week's Runner's Edge 5K Women's Run. If I come in first place as an Athena, I win $100. Now $100 isn't that much, but it is a new pair of running shoes, so it makes me question if it's worth it. I'm pretty positive I can win my age group regardless, but winning money would be pretty awesome. Athena, the Greek goddess of war, is also the goddess of strategy. Signing up under a different class might be a strategic, and profitable, move.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

P90X - Ab Ripper X and Shoulders & Arms DVDs

So guess who finally got to try P90X? I jumped out of bed this morning (okay, maybe I sprawled out covered in baby blankets for about twenty minutes), put on my workout clothes (my C9 shorts are getting a little snug, FYI), and went to grab my new yoga mat from my car. It was time to work my abs.

With great anticipation, I inserted the Ab Ripper X DVD into the player. I was so excited to see Tony Horton in action. He promised 349 moves of core crushing greatness. I couldn't do all 349. I suddenly realized how out of shape I have gotten since my peak fitness in February 2010. I could also feel my trail run abused quadriceps screaming for mercy. None of the moves on the Ab Ripper were new to me, but I did like the format. It's about 15 minutes long, gets straight to the point, and provides modified intensities. It would definitely deliver results.

Then I moved on to the hour-long Shoulders & Arms DVD. I haven't worked out my upper body in forever, but miraculously I still held my own. P90X Shoulders & Arms is five rounds (if you include the Bonus Round) of shoulders, biceps, then triceps exercises. You repeat each round. I really enjoyed this workout. My favorite exercise was the Deep Swimmer's Presses. This kid taught me how to do them in high school and I love them. You perform a bicep curl into a shoulder press, and then reverse the move to complete one rep.

The Two-Angle Shoulder Flys were also a good move, and flipping hard. I'm at my parents' house and I was able to rustle up a pair of 15 lb weights, which may have been a little heavy for this. You sit up straight on a chair (I went with the toy box) and perform one fly, then you lean over your legs and do your next fly. Everyone completes 16 flys. Of course I misunderstood the first round, and thought that 1 rep was one fly at each angle, and couldn't believe that I was supposed to complete 16. Turns out that would be 32. Oops.

I learned a new move today called Crouching Cohen Curls. I'm not very good at them yet, but you squat down, and put your elbows at the inside of your knees. Then you curl your biceps. I didn't use a mirror for this workout, so it was difficult to check my form. I'm trying to stop relying on mirrors so much, because 1. needing a mirror to workout is inconvenient and 2. I want to be more aware of my own body and muscles.

I am thrilled that I finally get to test out P90X after five years of watching (loving/obsessing over) the infomercials. I borrowed these DVDs, but I think I may become the proud owner of my own set in the near future.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning on the Greenbelt Trail

Today I returned to the Greenbelt Trail, home of the Greenbelt Trail 50K that kicked my ass last May. I have a sick pair of La Sportiva trail running shoes and two working legs, so it was high time I got back out there.
The Greenbelt Trail
I drove east to Cold Spring Habor this morning and parked by the library. You can access the northern part of the trail from the parking lot that is located on the right side of 25A. After a quick climb, you are overlooking the harbor.

You can see the view of Cold Spring Harbor

The trail heads south and goes to Massapequa. It is cut into sections by different major roads. I decided to the run the portion that goes to Route 108 because it only required me to cross Lawrence Hill Road. I wasn't in the mood to become roadkill this Monday morning.

Nike+ GPS map of my route

Trail running is so different from road running. It takes focus to navigate the tree roots and rocks while ascending and descending along the paths. You have to be aware of where you are going and mindful of the white blazes that mark the trail. It's peaceful and difficult. I was winded after the initial climb, but I soon found my rhythm. I pushed myself today, but I was also sensible. I was surprised by how easily I got back into running the trail even though I hadn't been there in two months. I guess eight solid hours will really acquaint you with an area.

The white blaze that indicates the trail on the right
I attached my Nike+ chip to my trail shoes and tracked my run. I didn't realize that locking the app and then taking pictures would pause the run, so part of my run is missing, but I followed the same trail back. Overall, my run should be about 3.78 miles, and it took me an hour. I can run that distance on road in about thirty minutes. Trail running really is a different sport, and one that I think I enjoy more than road running. The opportunity to run surrounded by trees, plants, animals, and the occasional Chinese hiker is one I am very thankful for. I'm also returning to the Greenbelt Trail 50K in 2012, so I have some serious training to do. This time around, I'll be doing the ass kicking.

I have to practice my descents.

The Beast in Action

Crossing the Finish Line at Last Month's Lousy T-Shirt Race

This is what running a 5K at 6.58 minute miles looks like.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 10K

I awoke at 6:15 on Saturday morning, rolled over, and muttered, "F*ck, we need to get up for that race." For once I did not blackout, and I had full recollection of the previous evening and the various alcoholic beverages I had consumed. It's the evenings you wish you didn't remember that you always seem to recall. The boy wisely chose a banana for his pre-race meal. I went with a 5 Hour Energy, three Advils, two gulps of cold coffee, a bite of his banana, and a 2% Fage yogurt. I may or may not have taken my Ritalin because I honestly can't remember, but I'm thinking I did not.

We had a pleasant walk over to the park. The race began at East 69th Street, went up to the Harlem hills, circled back around, and then ended at the 72nd Street Traverse. The first two miles were uneventful, if a little painful, and then the boy's knee began to act up. I took his decision to walk as the perfect excuse for me to take a little break. By this time I was regretting my decision to attend Friday night's birthday dinner, especially my decision to chug through it. After a brief respite, I went back to running the remaining 4.2 miles of the race.

Although the weather look beautiful, Saturday was hot with 93% humidity. Running with a hangover is bad enough, but running in humid sunshine with a hangover is just cruel. I felt sick. I could feel the yogurt in my stomach curdling. I could taste vodka and cigarettes. Basically, I was in my element. I had already determined that I wouldn't be PRing so I just enjoyed the ride. I like to think of these races as punishment for my poor behavior, and similar to reciting Hail Marys or whatever guilt-ridden Catholics do.

I had to walk through the aid stations. Even though I ran with a water bottle, I needed to drink two to three cups at each stop, so walking made more sense, and it gave my muscles a nice break. I really never felt like I was racing, and at 8.15 minute miles, I really wasn't. I finished in 51:09, 2 minutes and 10 seconds longer than last month's still-drunk dash at the NYRR Mini 10K. Eventually, and I mean this, I will run a 10K fully sober and well-rested.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Workout? #fail

I had to be up in West Hartford last night for something very important, but unfortunately I also had a job application project due today. I obviously did not complete it before driving up to the West HartBeat, and the thing is due at noon, so I had to stay at the boy's place in good old Gun Wavin' New Haven in order to get a good night's sleep to wake up early to finish the damn thing. It's not really such a hardship to stay with him, and I did get some solid rest. The boy left for work, I commandeered his desk, and I managed to finish the project with 1 hour and 3 minutes to spare.

Bored, and done rummaging through his refrigerator, I remembered that he has the entire P90X DVD collection and I had my workout clothes in the car. Excited to finally enjoy the moves of Tony Horton, I scampered over to find my shoes when I remembered that this is New Haven and you can't just leave the doors unlocked to an apartment in a strange housing complex while you run over to your PT Cruiser to grab your workout gear. Momentarily saddened, I refused to give up hope. Surely the boy had a spare key lying around somewhere. I texted him. He said he did not.

Left with nothing else to do, I Facebook stalked my ex and finished the rest of the blueberries.

Friday, July 1, 2011

So Many Things to See at the Sea Shore

So Daddy paid for my season sticker to TOBAY beach. My sister and I packed up the PT Cruiser and headed down to the South Shore. It was a beautiful day today, and we found prime beach real estate. Then my sister went to sleep and I was left reading July's issue of Runner's World.

Today was my rest day, therefore I ended up restless. I took off down the beach, barefoot and in my bikini. I ran at the water's edge for probably half a mile before turning back. I was running at 5K pace, but I felt amazing afterwards. My legs felt great. The best part was jumping in the water afterwards.

Satisfied with my physical activity for the day, I settled into my beach chair. The Tony Tape-Ups who had invaded our space during my run returned with a dead and decaying shark. Very cool, but dragging around a dead fish is definitely an act of animal cruelty. By this time I had gotten sand in my suit so I headed over to the showers. There I saw a giant seagull keeled over under one of the shower heads! Seriously?! Was this some kind of sick joke intended to frighten small children? I returned to my towel to work on my back tan. Beach running is now high on my list for summer activities.
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