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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fat Kid Friday

I got home from my date pretty late last night so I slept in until 7:25 AM. I was still early for work and decided to grab breakfast at Amici 36.

I got so much food I needed a tray to bring it to the checkout counter.
 I think the cook likes me.
Fat Kid Friday. I'm not even that hungover.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fifth Avenue Mile

Last Saturday I ran the Fifth Avenue Mile. I had never raced a mile. I wasn't sure what to expect.

I had actually been out the night before, but it was a relatively tame evening. A bacon cheeseburger and a beer downtown before meeting a friend for a nightcap. I was home by 1 and in bed by 1:30. It was actually very weird waking up for a race at 8 AM. I jogged over to 80th and Madison to meet T before walking over to 5th.

T and I lined up towards the back of our heat. When it was time to start, I realized that we were behind an Achilles runner. I am very impressed by that entire organization but I think there are safety risks involved during this race. I didn't even realize there was a special needs runner in my direct path until I saw her holding the rope that connects her to her partner. I almost ran her down. I tried not to, like really tried not to, but there wasn't much I could do. This is all before I cross the starting line.

The cool thing about the mile is that you can read the street signs and know exactly where you are. For my readers unfamiliar with New York, each block is one tenth of a mile. We started on 80th Street and finished on 60th. I made it to the low 70s without even realizing it, and once I saw 66th Street I knew I could throw out everything I had.

My official time is 6:15.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is It Snack Time Yet?

Let's be honest - it's always snack time. Today I reached into my snack drawer and pulled out Trader Joe's Wasabi-flavored seaweed snacks. Yup, they made a new flavor. I purchased two packages of these when I went to buy a few ten of the original salty variety. I was actually being checked out when the cashier told me I absolutely had to go grab the wasabi-flavor. I've been avoiding them until now.

These things deliver a kick. I can handle spicy things, and these aren't intensely wasabi-ish, but I didn't inhale them as quickly as the originals. This is good because I very quickly cover myself in green flakes normally.

Low in calories and only 99 cents? Definitely a snack drawer staple.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Funday: 3 Loops of Central Park

First of all, I feel like crap. You know what's not fun about Sunday Funday? Monday.

Yesterday was the 18 mile Marathon Tune-Up. It started at 7 AM on 102nd Street. I was planning on getting up at 5:30 but my phone started blowing up at 5 AM. One of my college friends sent me a barrage of texts. When I read "Trouble, help" I started reasoning that since it was Sunday morning he probably wouldn't be sent to Rikers and might not even make it down to Central Booking by the time I finished the race. He wouldn't be arraigned until Monday and if he stayed in a cell at a local precinct, I could still watch the Giants game at 1 PM. Turns out my planning was for naught because the kid wasn't arrested; he was simply in the neighborhood looking to continue the party. I declined and muted my phone, but since I was already awake I decided to get up.

I have to admit that I was anxious about the 18 mile ING Marathon Tune-Up. I've done long runs before so it wasn't a matter of if I could do it, but I was concerned about my pacing during a race. I'm competitive and I feared my pride would get the best of me and I'd injure myself six weeks before the marathon.
I foolishly wore my Frye boots on Friday night and gave myself a massive blister.
The Professor, T, and I decided to start the race together in the light blue wave. I am placed in the 7:20 mile group and choosing to run with a slower group was a big decision to me. Ultimately I think I made the right decision because I felt strong and confident throughout the race. The Professor and I separated from T after about a mile. I stopped to use a porta-potty but caught up with him by mile 4.
I saw this man juggling.
He ran the entire 18 miles while JUGGLING!

The Professor's lovely wife offered to crew for us. I wish she were my wife. I was so happy to see her each loop. She gave me these delightfully tasty PowerBar Energy Blasts. They are like gummy snacks with an energy gel center. I normally don't like the taste of energy treats, but I'd eat the PowerBar Energy Blasts as candy.

As the Professor and I finished our second loop, elite runners were finishing the race. It was motivational to see these kickass runners sprint in six miles ahead of us. Knowing that this was the last time of Harlem Hills gave me the extra energy I needed to keep going. The Professor had us run the hills at mile 13 during our last long run preparing us for the race. A lot of other runners were walking at this point, but we held our pace. Mile 14 to 15 was rough. This was the one time during the race when I wanted to be back in my bed. We were on the Westside, in the middle of the three hills, and my arches were aching. I had to run on my own for a bit to get back into the spirit of things. The Professor was never far away though.

We agreed to run at our own pace for the last mile and a half. As we approached mile 16, I told the Professor that the Mile 16 sign was the most beautiful sign I had ever seen. We gradually picked up the pace as we headed up the hill. Then I sped up. We had successfully paced ourselves and I had more than enough energy to sprint it in. Spectators were cheering and finished runners shouted their encouragement. I crossed the finish line in 3:05:13 and I could have kept going. I made it down the chute and grabbed Gatorade and a banana. I turned back towards the finish line just in time to see the Professor come in. I cheered wildly and a photographer insisted we get in a photo for her. 

That's a heart rate monitor and a Chapstick, thank you very much.
My feet were killing me so I took off my shoes for the walk to Fifth Avenue
Our lovely friends were waiting for us and we all cheered T in. After showers we gathered at Dylan Murphy's for a Sunday Funday of watching the Giants beat the Eagles. Six Thayers and six buffalo wings (individual wings, not orders) did me in. My very first Sunday Funday was an epic fail (or a major success?) and I was asleep in my bed by 7 PM. Of course I woke up at 11:50 PM thinking I had slept through work. I went back to sleep only to wake again at 3 AM and I've been up since. Thank goodness Law & Order is on at that time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 4 Reasons I'm Excited to be Back at Equinox

• Spin Class: I forgot how much I love to spin. I tried Buddy's 6:30 AM class at 85th & 3rd yesterday morning and had a great time. My legs took a beating.

• The Greet Staff: Equinox has the friendliest greeters at their front desks. I'm partial to the Roslyn Greet Staff because they treat me like a long lost relative.

• The Showers: Kiehl's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Fresh cans of Barbasol. A maintenance team that is constantly cleaning hair out of the drain. Is it any wonder why I avoid showering in my apartment?

• My Trainer: Although I didn't train with him yesterday, I did see him. I'd definitely still do him.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweaty Crotch

Today I woke up and remembered that my Equinox membership became unfrozen yesterday. Then I leapt out of bed to check the group fitness class schedule. I settled upon Raj Shtrom's 10:15 am yoga class and then went in search of coffee and an outfit to wear.

I found a pair of Champion C9 for Target yoga pants at the back of my drawer and thought, "So that's where these things went! Why don't I ever wear them?" I happily put them on and added a black technical tank (Calvin Klein. Absolutely love it. It's getting a little snug. Oops.)

I wanted to get in a quick run before heading off to yoga so I ran 2.4 miles around the cul-de-sac. I broke a light sweat. That's when I remembered why I normally don't wear my C9 yoga pants: the fabric turns a distinctly different shade of grey when touched with perspiration. My sweaty crotch made it look like I wet myself.

the offending pants
I didn't know what to do. Sure, I could get changed, but these were the only yoga pants I had out on Long Island, and I did look super cute. The pants, when not soaked through the crotch, are very flattering and comfortable. They are cropped and have slices in the back lower portions of the leg. This causes them to flare out and look pretty nifty during down dog split. I hoped they would dry before class started in 18 minutes.

They didn't. They only got sweatier. Raj kicked my ass and this isn't even her Level 2/3 class. I had a great time though for the ENTIRE 90 MINUTES. I only looked at the clock twice. Most of the time I was checking out my own crotch, trying to figure out if it looked like I was sweaty or if I had a bladder leakage problem. Normally I absolutely love C9 items, but this is an issue. I noticed that the woman in grey lululemon yoga pants didn't have this problem.

Despite this setback, I was able to once again prove that I am horrible at yoga. I'm just not that flexible without a hot guy motivating me to bend in certain directions. I do try however, which is how I found myself in a shoulder stand, staring at my hoo-hah, with a pregnant lady doing a headstand next to me.

I am so incredibly excited to be back at Equinox.
I audibly sighed with relief when entering my
home away from home this morning.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Sober 10K: The Great Cow Harbor 10K

Today I ran the Great Cow Harbor 10K in Northport, New York located on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island. I'm from the North Shore so I suppose I may be bias, but I am convinced it is the most beautiful place in the world in the fall. Today it is a crisp 60 degrees and sunny. The temperature was in the low 50s when I started the race this morning.

the course

Many people have been talking about how great this Great Cow Harbor course is, and I admit I was a little skeptical. Why is it so incredible? Is it really the best course out here? After completing the race, I can honestly agree with these runners. It is awesome. The hills are tough but manageable and I gained a lot of time by charging down the descents. Good thing someone has been working on her hill training.

I left my house early this morning because I thought I needed to catch some shuttle bus before 7:45am. Then I realized I could park behind the Dunkin Donuts and I ended up at the race way to early. The more time I have to wander around, the more I find myself fretting about the bathroom. What can I say? I always have to pee. After two trips to the porta-potty, I was all lined up and waiting for the race to start when I panicked and got back in line. I almost missed my wave start waiting for some primadonna (who was in the last freaking wave!) to finish up in there. It's a porta-potty. There are no mirrors. It doesn't take that long to pee. I am a superfast pee-er and I was able to run back to my wave, toss my long-sleeved shirt, and start on time.

The Great Cow Harbor 10K is very much supported by the Northport community. It reminded me of the Garden City Turkey Trot because most of the town seemed to be outside of their homes and cheering for the runners. The people of Northport are awesome because they set up their own water stations! I brought along a 20 ounce bottle, but definitely relied on the kindness of strangers to supplement my supplies. Speaking of that water bottle - I like to ditch it after mile 4 to free up my hands. I don't like when people litter the streets, especially in Oyster Bay, so I chose to be courteous to a neighboring village and asked a spectator to dispose of my bottle for me. He graciously agreed to, and my fellow runners commented on how conscientious I was to this. But if you think about it, this is not Central Park and the New York Road Runners have not hired a crew to clean up after us. Very nice people live on these roads and they don't want their streets covered in garbage.

My outfit was a big hit, especially my sunglasses. I don't think my love of red, white, and blue is a secret after recent posts. Today I wore my white running skirt, blue C9 sport top, and my patriotic tri-colored Knockaround sunglasses. Good things happen to you when you wear red, white, and blue.

I was the only person awake this morning so this
is the only picture I have of my spiffy outfit.

* This statement is now untrue because IslandPhotos are ready!
I'm a little confused about my finish time. The website says to take the time you see on the overhead clock and subtract your wave delay. That means I should subtract five minutes. But then I checked my results on the board and my time included the five minutes. Does that mean they displayed the total time and it is my responsibility to find my own net time? Will the final results on the website be net results? I ask because I definitely PR'd today (I wasn't drunk this time, I had to!) and I want to know how much better I did than in the past.

The post-race festival was pretty neat. I wish I had had some people to hang out with and someone to meet me with a sweatshirt. Although I didn't stay for the awards ceremony, I did hang around for a while. I got a leg massage from the kind people at Northport Physical Therapy & Sports Performance and I grabbed some snacks from the refreshment table. I love pretzels after a hard run. I would've gotten a beer but I didn't bring my ID and I signed up late so my age isn't on my race bib. Sucks for me.

I'll update you with my final time once I figure it out.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Chocolate Chip Chewy COATED Granola Bars

I couldn't agree more. Yesterday I drove to the nearest Trader Joe's in search of deliciously salty seaweed snacks, and while waiting in the checkout line I saw these:
I couldn't wait to get home to try one. They are essentially healthier versions of the Quaker Chewy granola bars we used to get at snack time. Or at least my friends and I got them at snack time because our school provided us with snack at 10:15 every morning. I have to admit that my favorite snack was the Dolphin and Friends cheddar crackers, but the Chewy granola bar was a close second.
Trader Joe's version is even better than the Quaker kind because it is COATED in chocolate on one side. That's right. An entire extra layer of chocolately goodness. The lack of chemicals in these tasty treats means they don't stay together as well as the original, but this is a small price to pay. I have to warn you that the chocolate chips tend to fall out if you're not careful. I may or may not have dropped a few in the couch. Shhh... Don't tell my mom. At 150 calories, I have been enjoying one two each day with minimal guilt. It's better than inhaling my dad's "hidden" candy bar stash.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mexican Chipotle-Marinated Pork Tenderloin

I have never met a pork product that I didn't like. I've been reading Tosca Reno's Your Best Body Now and when I saw the recipe for Mexican Chipotle-Marinated Pork Tenderloin, I just had to try it. I subtly manipulated my mom into making it for dinner.
Thanks Mom!
Copyright laws prevent me from just giving you the recipe, but it can be found on page 264 of Your Best Body Now. I will tell you that you will need a can of chipotle chili in adobo sauce, garlic, chopped white onion, lime juice, sherry vinegar, dried oregano, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, and a pork tenderloin.
We couldn't find sherry vinegar, but we did find sherry cooking wine.
I have never tasted anything so delicious come from our own kitchen in my entire life. It is spicy and tangy, juicy and delicious. We ate it with a side of broccoli and cauliflower and some toasted bread. We had enough left over for me to eat some for lunch today. It was just as good a day later and microwaved. Buy the book and enjoy this delicious dish today.
This was my second helping. I scarfed down the first serving
before I could photograph it for you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever: My Lululemon Outfit

Two of most favoritest friends, who just happen to be married to each other, bought me the best and most thoughtful birthday present I have ever received. I was incredibly excited, and to be honest, pretty shocked, when they presented me with a bag from lululemon at my birthday dinner last month. The birthday dinner they planned for me. Honestly, how did I convince these people to be friends with me and would they be willing to be my parents?

I received the cutest, color-coordinated outfit. The run: speed short fits like a dream. These shorts are lightweight and made of sweat-wicking fabric that stretches four ways. There is a zippered pocket on the back and two hidden pockets for gels in the front. The best part is that they don't chafe! 

The matching Power Y tank stays in place and doesn't rub. It also has a mesh shelf bra with removable cups. Perfect for making me look busty! This tank provides moderate support, and isn't intended for the well-endowed to run in. Since I need padded cups to create the illusion of a chest, it works perfectly for me.
I cannot explain this face. Please ignore it and focus on
 how good my legs look in these lululemon run: speed shorts.
 I love this outfit and am super psyched to wear it for my long run tonight. I don't normally buy lululemon gear because it's pretty pricey, but it's great quality. If you are looking for a dream gift for the athlete in your life, bring him or her close to tears by buying an outfit from lululemon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Health Blogger at Wellsphere

That's right people. I am now a Top Health Blogger on Wellsphere in the Healthy Living Community. The more time I spend on Wellsphere, the more impressed I am. There are literally thousands of blogs about almost any topic you could ask for. Want to learn more about ultramarathon training? They've got it. Are you interested in vegan cooking? They've got it. Want to go hiking and you're a new mom? Yup, they've got it.

I'm proud to be recognized by Wellsphere for my contribution to the healthy living and fitness community. I think it is a valuable resource and it will attract a lot of traffic to In Shape Out of Mind.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harriman Cup

Yesterday was the 27th Annual Harriman Cup, which is a UVA versus Yale polo match. It's also the perfect excuse for aggressive daydrinking.

I picked up some friend's from the train station before leaving my car at the parents' house and heading over to the Meadowbrook Polo Club. It was lovely to catch up with friends and enjoy the spectacular weather. Somehow we all survived... I think.

Thank you Robert Redd

Friday, September 9, 2011

Felix Neck

In celebration of my new job, yes my new job!, I went to Martha's Vineyard this week to visit a boy. Who doesn't like to celebrate their career accomplishments with male companionship and ginger beer? Sadly, it rained the entire time. Actually that is a lie - it stopped raining for one whole hour, but I managed to spend that time at the beach.
Vacations are no excuse to stop running entirely. I packed my gear and tried to convince that boy to join me. He is a fair weather runner and declined. I've spent the summer reading these semi-awful Martha's Vineyard Mystery books by Phillip Craig and recognized Felix Neck from his stories. Fortunately for me, I was staying near Felix Neck and had the opportunity to explore the trails.

I wasn't exactly sure where I was going but I certainly enjoyed myself. It got pretty muddy and I wished I had packed my all-terrain sneakers instead of my pretty, white Brooks Adrenaline 11s. I stopped to take a picture on a footbridge/check my mileage on my phone.

 I found a body of water! I think it is Sengekontacket Pond but I'm not sure. I do know that I took the Shad Trail to find it. I turned around and continued on, hoping to find some more trail markers. Thankfully I did.
I could have done a lot more exploring, but my phone was dying and I told the boy to come find me if I wasn't back in an hour and twenty minutes. I return in fifty-nine, but if I had stayed out and really gotten into a groove, I would've been unreachable and I didn't tell him I was going trail running. Felix Neck is beautiful, with well-maintained trails. I highly recommend it for any runners who will be on Martha's Vineyard. To print a copy of the trail maps, click here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Runners Are Not Monogamous

I had to return to the city today to pick up my mail and pay my bills before taking off for the Vineyard this week. It was a beautiful day, so I texted/called/Facebook-chatted my running partner about going for a nice mid-morning run, but received no answer. As I finished parallel-parking Petunia on 82nd Street, who did I see walking down the street? My running partner... in his running clothes... with another girl.

That's right - my running partner is cheating on me! I caught him flagrantly ignoring me in favor of another runner. I'm actually not upset, but he sure looked guilty.

Today wasn't a scheduled run day, and I looked pretty cute in my sundress, which led me to call up a friend for brunch. The weather was spectacular so I decided to walk to Columbus Circle before catching the C train to Chelsea. All in all, it was a glorious day, even if I've got a two-timing running partner. I can't really blame him since I have three.

Friday, September 2, 2011

1/2 Road + 1/2 Trail = 20 Miles

Many of the best things in life are half and half: Arnold Palmers (half iced tea and half lemonade), vodka sodas (1/2 vodka, 1/2 soda), me (half super-pale English, half awesomely-tan Hispanic). Add road to trail runs to this list.

I've been wear-testing a pair of shoes I can't discuss, and on Friday I received an email saying the final survey is almost due. Shnikes! I realize that I haven't worn them nearly enough and that I will have to do some serious running in them. The shoes are designed to handle trail and road, so I decided to run to the trail.

I left my house and ran the 5.5 miles to the entrance to the Greenbelt Trail in Cold Spring Harbor. I remembered when this felt like the longest run a few weeks ago, but that might have had something to do with the debilitating heatwave. Today it felt like nothing. I would tell you all about the shoes, but I cannot, but I will tell you that my feet felt awesome on the road. My wrist hurt like a bitch though. It hasn't been bothering me, but I chose to run with two 1 litre water bottles today, and after a mile my right wrist was having none of it. Still, I soldiered on because I know how thirsty I get.

I'm really glad I made half of this week's long run a trail run. I sandwiched the trail portion between two road runs, allowing my legs a reprieve from the pavement and my mind a reprieve from the monotony of familiar surroundings and avoiding cars. I like running, but I love trail running. My head is so much more into it as I make decisions regarding the terrain. I can think but I can't zone out. I ran 10.5 miles of trail. I wanted to do a 25K in there but the trail was closed at Whitney Lane because of storm damage. The trail I did run looked very different post-Irene. Some trees were down, but much of the underbrush is now missing and lots of sand has appeared. Portions are much easier to run, and others are missing so much soil you have to walk to get to the next wooden beam. I went farther into the trail than I have on other runs this summer, finally returning to the grassy field near Stillwell. I did a little exploring on the mountain biking blue trail, but didn't want to stray too far lest I get lost.

I exited the Greenbelt and completed 16 miles. I needed four more to finish my long run and decided to run into Huntington. I added some distance by running down a bunch of side roads, and then ran east on New York Avenue. I didn't realize all the different things that are out there, including Nader's Fish on the Run. I was so tempted to walk in and get fried seafood but I know from experience that eating post-long run usually ends up with me throwing up. I can eat during the run, but after not so much.

I had one mile to go when this woman walks out of a building and starts yelling ma'am and jogging after me. I thought maybe I had dropped something, but realized I hadn't, and then she starts asking me if I know where some medical building is. I told her I didn't live in Huntington and she got all huffy. At first I felt a little bad about being so short with her, but then I decided I wasn't sorry. Out of all the people walking around and driving in their cars, she decided to chase down a sweaty runner who was clearly doing something to ask a question that could easily be answered by a smartphone.

Why do people feel so compelled to stop runners? My friend Rifle was stopped during a timed run by a man wanting to know why she runs so much, and not because he was interested in taking up the sport. I was stopped during a tempo run by an idiot claiming he could give me a ticket for going so fast. If you want to know about running, ask us when are finished, gasping for breath and chugging water. No really, that's the time I feel best about running.

I digress. I needed 0.6 of a mile to finish, so I circled back around and ran to Heckscher Park. I had no idea that it was pretty in there. I normally stay to the side closest to 25A, but there is a lovely duck pond on the opposite side. The run took me over four hours, but the extra time was worth it for the trail.
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