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My excessive energy, extreme narcissism, and intense love of neon-colored spandex is both managed and fueled by my addiction to fitness. I push myself to extremes and I push other people's buttons. Obviously I needed my own blog.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday 11.28.12

This week should be renamed Weight Gain Wednesday. My fancy scale told me I weight 147.8 lbs this morning and had 28% body fat. I'm not sure how much of that has to do with Thanksgiving or the dinner I had at Yuka last night. About once a week my Life Wife and I go out for a dinner of salmon sashimi, miso or shiitake soup, and chicken fried rice. Super sodium and carb overload.

As you can tell from my face in the pictures below, I was not happy with this information.

147.8 lbs
28% body fat
Last night I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I was really tired for the second half of the day, but got a second wind after I ate dinner. I tossed and turned for a while and realized that my legs were bothering me. My legs and feet have been a bit swollen from standing at my desk. That plus spin class made me feel really achy and so I put on my compression calve sleeves. It made a huge difference and I woke up feeling much better this morning. The girl who sits in the desk behind me said the people at her old job started to use standing desks and had the same swelling and pain, but that it was only temporary. I think I am going to ask for some more compression sleeves for Christmas so I can start wearing them to work. I think the black bair would look cute peeping out of boots.

This is a horribly unflattering picture of me, but in case you ever wondered what I look like in my work clothes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Early Resolutions

Has anyone else noticed more people in the gym? I must not have been the only person who had a revelation that they needed to get their butt in gear before the holidays and not wait for New Years Resolutions. Speaking of butts - I caught sight of mine in the gym locker room mirror last night (fiiiine, I was checking myself out) and I thought, "My! Isn't that an attractive rear end?" It hasn't looked this good in a while, so I should keep up the good work.

I get super unhappy when the gym suddenly fills up in January. I promise to be nicer to people in 2013 as they invade my space to achieve their personal goals. I just hope the lazy ones give up quickly and return to their couches.

God bless Allie who writes Hyperbole and Half.
I don't know how she works with Paint and doesn't want to kill herself.
Last night I went to Jason's Powerflow Yoga class and I loved it as usual. We listened to some jazz music and worked on poses that should help build us up to crow pose. I'm still working on my warrior 1. I really like how Jason calls out the details because I want to learn how to practice yoga properly. I like flow but sometimes it feels rushed and I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing. At one point we did something that looked like an old-school push up with one leg over our shoulder. Or at least some people did that. I managed the leg part.

This morning I got up at 6 and made it to 6:30 AM SpinDurance with Harlan Matusow. It was a great way to start the day, but unfortunately it made my commute a pain in the ass. I didn't bring my work clothes with me because I don't like having to drag around dirty workout clothes and heavy spin shoes all day. The weather was also supposed to turn crappy, which it did, and I wanted to figure out what would be the best outfit for the weather. Everything was great until I left my apartment at 8:15 and didn't get to work until 9:20 because of packed buses and delayed subways. Note to self - inclement weather means everyone is taking public transportation. I like working out in the morning, but I'm going to have to accept that I won't be at work until 9:30 when I do.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I made it to a workout class Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am on a roll (and trying to get rid of the one around my midsection)!

On Saturday I went to Tina Conway's Yoga Flow class. I finally was able to get my feet flat on the floor for downward dog. I was giddy with excitement, no joke.

I noticed that Raj Shtrom had a sub for her classes on Sunday and that Jonathan Carroll was teaching something called Inside/Out. Jonathan teaches the only Pilates classes I've ever taken that haven't made me want to go to the bathroom and never come back. I was really happy to have the chance to take a class with him and even more so when he remembered me after 2 years of being a no show!

Inside/Out was like a better Barre Burn, which, for those not in the know, is like a knock off (but superior?) version of Barre Method. We did so many leg lifts and demi plies I'm lucky my legs even move. There were so many women in the class that there was no chance to use the barres even if Jonathan had wanted us to, so instead we used flexi-bars. Flexi-bars are much difficult to use to keep steady than weighted body bars because the bend. I liked that it felt like I was paying special attention to the smaller muscles in my legs, back, and arms that I might ignore when doing other exercises.

We used very light weights for bicep, triceps, and shoulder work. After the lifting I did yesterday, I could really feel the 3 lbs weights. It sounds so incredibly light, but the small, slow movements add up.

I'm not the biggest fan of abdominal work but Jonathan made it almost painless. I think the best sign of a good workout class is when you find that an hour has flown by and you haven't looked at the clock. If Jonathan can get me to work my obliques without staring as the seconds count down, you know he's doing something right.

Inside/Out is offered at many Equinoxes but to have Jonathan, you'll need to visit the Long Island locations.

Here are some lululemon pieces that are good for classes like Barre Burn and Inside/Out. All of the women at Equinox seem to be in lululemon. I calculated that one lady's outfit, plus her lululemon bag was almost as much as my rent (okay more than half my rent but not as high as three-quarters.)
Back Burner Tank
Barre Pulse Pant
 I love these socks because they are so true. That being said, I go barefoot. If I were going to wear anything, I'd break out my old ballet slippers.
The Method Sock

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pre-Turkey Thanksgiving Workout

I woke up Thursday morning at 7:37 AM in Oyster Bay only to remember that the Pre-Turkey Thanksgiving Workout at Yves and Coco's studio started at 8 AM. F*** my life. I managed to get dressed in under 4 minutes, fill my water bottle, and jump in the car. As I got into the car, I remembered that it didn't have any gas. No matter. I drove to Great Neck (over ten miles) on an empty tank anyway. Now I should have only been 4 minutes late for class but I kept driving passed the studio. For anyone else looking to go to MC Dance and Fitness, make a right onto Middle Neck Road South across from the Gulf Station and follow it until it says just Middle Neck Road. Number 222 is part of a shopping strip immediately after the Shell Station. There's parking in the lot behind the building.

I rush into class over 10 minutes late, wearing a not cute outfit that didn't really match (why didn't I set out my clothes in advance?!), bloated from my chicken McNugget double dinner, and it took me a moment to remember that none of that mattered. I got to take not one, but two of Yves's classes, even if I missed the beginning of the first one, and for that I was thankful. Then I launched myself into a hinge kick and realized that I need to get my shit together. Kick Kamp was hard.

During this first class, I had a moment of clarity when I accepted that I have gotten too big and I need to fix it. I honestly felt like I had fallen from grace - I used to be the person in the front row showing off and now I was in the back (I had to be because I came in late) and the moves were challenging. All of the ladies I used to work out with were in the front and made it look so easy. I know I've been talking about getting back into fitness and clean eating for like two years now, but I finally saw how bad it has gotten. That being said, I had so much fun.

The second class was Dance Fusion and we all know how much I love Dance Fusion, mostly because I cannot dance. I switched into a dry white tank top (which made my lame outfit look a little cuter than the dull oatmeal colored tank I was wearing earlier) and proceeded to shake around the room because I can't shimmy. I think I had sweated out most of the bloat so I look less like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float and more like my former self. All in all, it was a great way to spend my Thanksgiving morning.

Yves and Coco's studio is beautiful. I especially love the floors. A lot of places shellac their floors, which looks nice, but then causes crazy slippery surfaces after a few athletic women start sweating. These floors were beautiful medium-dark colored wood that didn't need a shiny coat to look nice. I sweated a ton and never felt like I was going to slip in my own grossness and injure myself.

 If you're on Long Island, get your butt to MC Dance & Fitness. The address is 222 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, NY.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday 11.21.12

I dragged my exceptionally hungover ass out of bed today to take these pictures.

144.4 lbs
27.5% body fat
I already requested today off as vacation, hence the late night drinking the evening before. Not sure how much of my weight loss has to do with dehydration.

I went for a manicure and a pedicure, ate 16 Handles, watched tv, and fought the massive crowds to get home. Thankfully I left when I did because the LIRR was shut down. I ate two dinners - chicken McNuggets and fries and a shake on the train followed by butternut squash soup and fried chicken dumplings. So bloated. Think I am dying.

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Filing Cabinet, Not a Microwave

I spent the night at my parents' house last night because I went to Cardinal McClosky's Community Services' 10th Annual Take the Stage talent show in Eastchester followed by a wake in Bay Ridge yesterday. I was exhausted and way too tired to be driving on the BQE. Made it home in one piece and went to bed soon after. I didn't head into the office right away because MegaMove took place over the weekend. I knew I had been temporarily assigned to the world's smallest desk.

What is this? A desk for ants?
I got up and ate breakfast. I bamboozled my dad into buying me groceries on Saturday evening and picked out some Greek yogurt, granola, and honey.

I'm not too impressed with Greek Gods Greek yogurt. It's not nearly as thick as Fage and I read that they add thickeners to it instead of just straining it. I bought the non-fat version and it pales in comparison to the non-fat Fage. 

The 365 blueberry almond granola was pretty good. I'm not that big of a granola fan but it seemed like a good purchase. My dad keeps snacking on it so I guess he likes it.

The raspberry honey is delicious. It has just a hint of fruit flavor.

So my morning starts off pretty good. I'm fed. There's an entire closet of clean clothes to wear. I heat up the hot rollers and have a sick hair day. This all goes to hell when I almost miss my train and on the way to almost missing the train realize that I forgot my coat in the hallway closet. I'm super excited to leave the office for yoga tonight. Super. Excited.

To add insult to injury, I finally get to work, cold, pissed off, and baffled why people cannot control their children to find that my mini desk cannot fit me and the tiny ass filing cabinet underneath it. My response is to pull the filing cabinet out and kick it over. (My coworkers must think I am nuts.) But this is when I had my moment of genius. The filing cabinet on top of the desk is the perfect height for a stand up desk. My dream has come true.
Everyone keeps asking if it's a microwave.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday 11.14.12

So apparently I've figured out how to blog drunk. Don't worry, I haven't become obsessed with death - I've just remembered how much I like the Flaming Lips. You need to listen to Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. My favorite songs are Are You A Hypnotist?? and Do You Realize?? which are where the lyrics in last night's post are from.

I wrote the post below yesterday because it was Wednesday but then I got drunk and forgot to post it and instead creeped everyone out and then they thought I was depressed. Oops.

Weight Loss Wednesday is back. Here's to accountability, real-life changes, and reaching goals. By goals, I mean fitting in my skinny jeans without the help of a shoe horn. Funny story - a friend of mine recently found a house guest in her apartment using a wooden spoon from the kitchen to put on his shoes. She took it better than I would have.

Today I hopped on the scale and found out that I weight 146 lbs. Eek? I think this is the heaviest I have ever weighed but I know I've been close to this before. My body fat is 27.9%. That made me a little nauseous.

Can anyone explain to me when to use the word nauseous and when to use nauseated? This is one of the bigger conundrums of the week.

I may live to regret these photos, but I think posting these unflattering pics will motivate me to go to the gym and make good eating choices.

November 14, 2012
146 lbs
27.9% body fat
I'm not sucking in or doing anything else to make myself look slimmer than I am. I tried to stand up straight but the camera angle makes it seem like I'm standing on an incline.

In an effort to get active every day, I've been putting my workouts on my work calendar. Last night we had an 8 PM kickball game so two of my teammates went to the Riverside Park track for a quick workout. The track was technically closed because of the hurricane so we had to cut our run a little short. After a half mile warm up, we ran a fast mile, and then jogged a lap, then sprinted half a mile before security shut us down. The mile ended up taking 6 minutes 50 something seconds. This was a little slower than I wanted because the real workout was supposed to be this:

warm up
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
1 mile at 10 seconds faster than 5K pace
jog 1 lap
cool down

My best 5K pace is 6 minutes 58 seconds so I should have run the mile in 6 minutes 48 seconds. Next time we'll get to the track earlier and really bang this out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jason Olson is Awesome

Recently I decided my new thing would be yoga. I came to this decision because I have felt completely out of shape and like I am starting from the ground and building up my fitness level. Even at my most in shape, I've never been flexible and my upper body wasn't as strong as my lower body. I had visible vanity muscles on my arms, but I found downward dog painful and my strength was not balanced. I figured, that if I were starting from the beginning, I should build the foundation I need to be strong and healthy. And I want to be able to stand on my head.

I've been  to nine yoga classes with 7 different instructors in the past four weeks (including this week), with differing experiences. Last night I went to Powerflow Yoga with Jason Olson and I loved it. I loved him. I haven't loved a new workout instructor like this since I first took a class with Yves. CRAZY I know.
Yes, I keep an excel spreadsheet of my workouts. I also have pivot tables.
I was able to leave work earlier than I expected and arrived at 50th and Broadway with enough time to run on the treadmill. I did 15 minutes (okay 14 m 45 s) of sprinting/power walking before yoga class. Then I spent the next 40 minutes sweaty profusely all over my mat and it was gross. I'm glad I got some cardio in and was able to stretch afterwards, but it made class rather unpleasant. 

Does anyone run or spin right before yoga? How do you handle the sweating? 
(I'm trying to get some commenting going on so if you'd like to make me happy, please respond using the comment box below. I'd be thrilled to get comments.)

Right away I could tell that Jason's class would be a little different. Maybe because he reminds me of my boss's boss's boss? Or when he said this class is called Powerflow and we work throughout it? Or maybe it was when I didn't feel like a complete buffoon while everyone else looked like a graceful swan. Regardless, I felt totally comfortable.

Yay for Facebook, where all of our stalkerish dreams can come true!
There were a few things I particularly liked about Jason's class. I struggle with warrior 1 because I can't seem to get my hip centered to the front. Run 15 miles without training? Sure! Keep my hips aligned? Absolutely not! To help overcome this, Jason had us transition from lunge to straight-legged warrior 1. Then we used one hand to shift our leading leg's hip back. Then we lunged forward, lowered our other hand, and adjusted our other hip. I was much more aware of my body than when I'm flowing all about, trying to look like the lady standing next to me.

I also appreciated the attention to detail. I've been to a bunch of yoga classes over the years but I'm not sure I ever internalized the basics. I want to learn to do each posture correctly. I'm also trying to be aware of my own level rather than pushing towards the more difficult version, which strangely enough is often easier for me.

Tangent - when I was younger I used to ride horses. For the life of me, I could not perform a simple lead change, but the flying change was my jam. My instructor always praised my flying change and eventually gave up on asking me to attempt the simple change, because it was less advanced anyway. Then my parents (smartly!) refused to buy me a horse and that was then end of that.

I'm also a fan of Jason's playlist choices. There was some Led Zepplin and jazz, among other genres. I don't really remember the exact music because I was too busy enjoying myself - in yoga. Blew my mind too.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I spent my break designing this today. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 is a mighty fine looking shoe on its own, but after I flagified it, I am obsessed.

Unfortunately, I have no reason to purchase them. I have 4 pairs of trail running sneakers, 3 pairs of road sneakers I actually use, 1 pair that I do not, a pair of Nike Frees that I hate, a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, two pairs of crosstrainers, and tennis sneakers. This list does not include any of my "fashion sneakers." I also do not do CrossFit.

If you'd like to spend $149 on me, I am a size 8.5.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strategic Planning

This weekend I made it back to my parents' house. The lack of electricity deterred me from returning sooner but finally their reenactment of Little House on the Prairie ended (really LIPA, nine days without electricity?) and I was able to come get my winter coat. If I thought I had in bad in Manhattan without a winter coat, my parents had it so much worse without heat.

My parents' house.
Their driveway.
I like to go home for many reasons. I like my parents. They are interesting people and they feed me. It is also less expensive to purchase household items and groceries on Long Island. It's extremely inexpensive if your parents frequently purchase those things for you and then slip you extra cash. When I go home I avoid binge drinking, I eat real food, I go to the gym, and I avoid spending money. Going home is great. And my cats are there.
And there's enough room to make a laundry color wheel in my parents' laundry room.
On Saturday I slept in and then ran errands. The cable and internet is still down at my parents' so I felt motivated to get things done. And I was trying to keep my mind off smoking. Today is DAY SEVEN. I headed to the Roslyn Equinox for a solo workout around 6 PM. When I work out by myself, I prefer to go during less packed hours so I can choose my equipment freely and not fight for space.

I did 20 minutes on the CrossRamp. I know I've written about this machine before, but I just love it more than any other cardio machine. It's like an elliptical but better.

Because it's totally normal to photograph yourself like this.
I'll be honest - I'm a little self-conscious of my flabby arms right now, but I hate wearing sleeves to the gym. This photo captured how unshapely they've gotten. I do feel stronger from the yoga though. My embarrassment motivated me to do an arm workout:

Chest press with 15 lbs weights (15 reps)
Shoulder press with 15 lbs weights (15 reps)
Skull crusher with one 15 lbs weight (10 reps, rest between 5)
Tricep kickbacks with 7.5 lbs weights (15)
2 sets

I had perused the August 2012 issue of Oxygen and found the workout below earlier in the day. It seemed like a challenging quick workout I could do on my own and it said it was Army-inspired, which I found fitting for Veteran's Day weekend. It kicked my ass.

20 crunches
20 prisoner squats
20 staggered-hand push-ups (left hand forward)
20 sit-ups
20 prisoner lunges
20 staggered-hand push-ups (right hand forward)
30-60 second plank

I did forty prisoner lunges so I'd have twenty for each leg and a 60 second plank. And then I prayed for mercy. Those staggered-hand push-ups are so freaking hard! I've decided that I will do this workout on cardio days at least once a week. I am going to be able to do one set no problem by New Years.

Today I went to Raj Shtrom's vinyasa flow yoga class at the Equinox in Great Neck. They've redone the bathrooms and showers since the last time I was there and it looks lovely.

Raj's class beats me normally, but after lifting last night, my arms could barely support my weight. I am the lamest yoga practicer in the world, but I am going to stick with it. I want to make sure that I am in shape and that my strength is balanced. I feel like I started back at round zero and that I shouldn't make the same mistakes I've made in the past as I return to working out and better eating.

My gym requires valet parking on Sundays.
I'm proud of myself for not smoking cigarettes for an entire week, but I'm a little worried about keeping it up when I go out. I went out for drinks three times last week and didn't have a cigarette (although I did go to a cigar bar one night.) However, I do get text messages like this one:

Do I need to give up benders? Does this mean I'm growing up? Can I have a six-pack if I give up beer?

Enough of these deep philosophical questions and on to the important things.

Today is Veteran's Day, one of the most important days of the years. I love veterans and have the utmost respect for servicemen and women. I especially love Marines. They're pretty sexy. Take the time today and tomorrow (and every day for that matter!) to thank the men and women who risk their lives to make sure that you and I are safe and free. Thank you veterans! God bless you!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Women's Barefoot Life Bliss Glove Wool

Women's Barefoot Life Bliss Glove Wool

Barefoot Life Bliss Glove Wool - Women's - Barefoot Shoes - J56240 |...

I'm new to this polyvore business and I'm trying to figure out how it works.

I found these shoes the other day on the Merrell website and they're really beginning to grow on me. They are part of their barefoot line. I think I'd like wearing them with pants and maybe even skirts (ugh, what did my one trip to Williamsburg to do me?!).

Thoughts on these?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Culture Club - Williamsburg

My colleague and I had a playdate on the calendar that we had scheduled after kickball one evening when we snagged seats at the bar and left our coworkers/teammates to stand and wait for our table. I'll be honest and say that I actually just wanted to go to the gym last night and then go to sleep super early but a playdate is a commitment that must be honored.

My magic Googling skills found The Heaping Helping's potluck dinner at the Brooklyn Kitchen. That's what you find when you browse the Brooklyn Brewery's event calendar and your plans are dictated by where you can find pumpkin ale.

We ventured into Williamsburg and had I known this when I got up in the morning, I would've worn my plaid  shirt, leggings, boots, Native American inspired shawl, seventeen necklaces, knit cap, and eyeglasses. Instead I wore dress pants, a mock turtleneck, one of those oversized pashmina-like white girl scarves, and Uggs. Yes, Uggs. It was too cold for my leopard print flats so I left them at my desk.

All the desk essentials.
The food was amazing but I scarfed it down too fast to photograph it. Those hipsters sure know how to cook. Since Ritalin and frozen lightly creamed spinach were not acceptable offerings, I gave $20 instead of a dish. Best $20 I spent all week. In addition to all you can eat (and I mean all you can eat - we were so stuffed we couldn't eat anymore) dinner, Brooklyn Brewery beers were sold for $1. Therefore I had $5.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale
I ran into my friend and former boss Viviana. I see her everywhere - Harlem, my office, Williamsburg... It's always a pleasure but it's beginning to get a little creepy.

The band Skunkmello provided the musical entertainment. They were actually pretty good. The lead singer doesn't wear shoes while he performs. How Taylor Swift of him.

I literally ate the most delicious treats. There was butternut squash soup, pumpkin twinkies, chicken pot pie (with biscuits as the pie top), risotto, mashed potatoes, white chocolate key lime cheesecake (which I didn't have because I didn't have anymore room!), and personal pecan pies made in cupcake tins. It was everything I dreamed of and more.

I'm not really sure what the Brooklyn Kitchen is. It seemed like a home goods store but it also appears to have a butcher's shop. It was cool in an, "Oh we're in Brooklyn and everyone looks like Buddy Holly" kind of way. Their bathroom was pretty nifty though.

The King... and a changing table.
You can see the sign for the Meat Hook behind my head.
You can also see my double chin.
After gorging ourselves on homemade food and locally made beer (although the pumpkin ale said something about Utica on it?), we went to Refugio Cigar House down the street. I still haven't had a cigarette since last Saturday, but I did have a cigar last night while we watched wrestling and hung out with the owners. Although I don't think that really counts as smoking, I felt guilty about it this morning and felt compelled to confess to my friend from high school who inspired me to stop smoking after she did. It was a Romeo + Juliet and it was delicious.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We survived Hurricane Sandy. Actually, those of us on the Upper East Side had the best week ever during Hurricane Sandy (except for those folks who live in the mid-90s on 1st Avenue.)

On Sunday I came back into Manhattan because I refused to spend another storm on Long Island after Irene. Good thing I did because my parents lost power on Monday, October 29 and got it back today.

Hurricane outfit!
On Monday I worked from my bed and then hid under the covers during the storm, catching up on my DVR.

Tuesday I ventured down the street to Favorite Work Friend's apartment. I did some work from Lauren's apartment and watched tv. Our friend ventured uptown from Chelsea to visit and then I went to yoga. When I got back they were drunk so we searched for food in vain (every restaurant that was open was packed) and went to Dylan Murphy's instead.

On Wednesday Lauren and I went for a walk and ate Chinese food. Our friends from downtown had to leave their powerless apartments and came up to stay with her. The Internet went down (or someone stepped on the cord, still not sure) so we lounged. It was Halloween so we went out for dinner and then to some bars. Everyone was forced to move uptown because of the power outages and lack of water. It's the first time all of my friends were up here in years.

This is Martha. Turns out we're neighbors.
I hope you made it to Pennsylvania safely Martha!
On Thursday I ran to midtown to lunch with Kristen and her boyfriend. I had my doctor's appointment in Columbus Circle afterwards so I ran from my apartment to lunch and then from lunch to the doctor's office. I saw the crane up close. I also got a haircut.

The crane on 57th Street
By Friday I was a little sick of perpetual Saturday. Although the office opened on Wednesday, there was limited public transportation to get there. I continued to work from home but I was getting seriously sick of working, going out, sleeping off the hangover, working, going out, watching tv, working, going out, sleeping off the hangover...

Please let me go back to the office!
I couldn't even handle going out on Friday. I met up with Trin folks for a drink at GoBurger, took a look around Club D's, and headed over to Lauren's for a Twilight marathon. I also ran into this guy I used to know outside of Lauren's apartment. That was neat. Not really but at least my hair looked good and I was wearing real clothes.

I heart Edward Cullen.
On Saturday the weather was gorgeous and I was about to go insane. Sabrina and I met for a run in the park, which finally reopened (although it is again closed today because of the Nor'easter.) We entered the park at 79th, ran the Harlem Hills, cut across the 72nd Traverse, and then walked home. I am apparently super slow and dying of lung failure. In my defense, Sabrina had trained for the NYC Marathon while I am still recovering from running Yonkers straight up drunk. (More on that another day.)

After the run (sorry no pictures), I went to write my FY13 priorities at Dylan Murphy's. I get a surprising amount of work done there. Maybe I should ask for a home office there...

Then I went to yoga.

Mariko Hirakawa teaches Hatha Yoga & Meditation from 5 to 6:30 PM on Saturday evenings. This is the same instructor who teaches vinyasa yoga on Tuesdays at 50th & Broadway.

Multi-purpose Matty M leggings
The official outfit of Hurricane Sandy was black leggings. Everyone was wearing them. I own enough pairs that I hung out in them, slept in them, ran in them, did yoga in them, went out in them, and am still wearing them (no joke, wearing a pair at work right now). I only sent out my laundry once. Never wearing pants again.

Oh yes. We went out on Saturday (a little bit against my will) and I broke my phone again. Hello iPhone #13.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Marathon Was Cancelled - Read This

As you've probably heard, the New York City Marathon was cancelled. I'm a little over the unnecessary Facebook arguing, but I love this article the Professor wrote about the email NYRR sent out to its members:
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