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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Yesterday I got to ring the PR bell at CrossFit. It's kind of a big deal because it means you set a new personal record. When you first start CrossFit, you PR practically every day. Now that it's been a year and a half, I might not PR as often but I know that I am making progress. For the first time ever, I completed the workout Nicole Rx. Feel free to clap.

You might be wondering how I got such a flattering angle for this photo. My friend Sam is 6'7" or 6'8" and this is the photo he took by just standing a few feet away from me. Where was Sam when we needed him for all of sorority formal photo shoots??

Nicole is a 20 minute AMRAP that started with a 400m run followed by the maximum number of pull-ups you can get without coming off the bar. You can rest on the bar, but your feet cannot touch the ground.

As you can see here, back at the beginning of August, I completed Nicole with a purple band. I'm hoping it as the thinner purple band and not the monster size but I'm not sure to be honest. I got 70 reps. I like to record my rounds on the side so I can see how consistent or inconsistent I am. I remember that it was a hot day and I grabbed my water bottle right before round 6 and the moisture on my hands plus the bar caused a nasty rip. I think that's why I only got 6 reps that last round but that might be wishful thinking.

Five months later, I complete Nicole again but this time without a band. I started being able to do kipping pull-ups again sometime this fall. I can crank out about 3 at a time, which I was only able to do once with a lot of effort on December 28, 2013. This time I also completed 6 rounds of pull ups and my numbers are pretty consistent. They are a little less than half of my last score but since I'm doing unassisted kipping* pull-ups, I'm much more proud of these. Also, 6 pull-ups without coming off the bar twice? Hello!

*Apparently I don't actually kip as much as hybrid butterfly myself up there, so when I say kipping pull-ups, please know that I mean swinging around until my chin is over the bar.

And these are just to prove that I can actually get up there and this is not a complete lie.

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