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Thursday, September 24, 2015

CrossFit Golden Gate and the Start of the HeritageBBQ Tour

This past month has been a whirlwind. I left Atlanta on September 11 for the first stop of Cochon555's HeritageBBQ tour in San Francisco. Our event was held at Magnolia Brewing in Dogpatch and the light of my life Colton came to help us sell merchandise. 

I fucking love this kid.
We had incredible dinners at The Battery, Dirty Habit, and at our own event. By Tuesday I was dying to do a WOD and was able to drop in at CrossFit Golden Gate for the noon class before my redeye to Toronto for stop two.

Conveniently located on Van Ness Avenue on the border of Nob Hill and Russian Hill, it was a short walk from my hotel. I had to beg the concierge to give me a late checkout so I could shower after class, and with Dreamforce taking over the city, that was no small feat.

I wore my Be Your Own Superhero tank from Unleashed Fitness. I dated this guy for literally 6 days and he definitely nailed my birthday presents - this tank and Stance socks. Then he kind of lost his shit and decided he didn't want to speak to me anymore. Story of my life.

I love the cut because I can show off my cute sports bra collection.

The workout was push presses followed by a spicy metcon. I subbed 6 dumbbell presses for the HSPUs. I started off with 25# but had to drop to 20#. It felt glorious to sweat out the bourbon and porc.

I love dropping in at boxes and it was great to meet Marie, Brian, and Maggie. I was surprised by the square footage because it definitely didn't look that big from the outside, but inside was clutch.

After rushing back to The Opal, which is terrible and you should never ever stay there, I went out to find free reliable internet in a pleasant working environment. That brought me to Emperor Norton's Boozeland in the Tenderloin. I was very productive. My old coworker came to meet me so we could catch up and discuss the crazy that's coming out of our former place of employment. I also met Joe, a bartender who happened to be wearing a Clermont Lounge t-shirt, which a fine establishment with a 70 something year old stripper named Blondie who can crush beer cans with her tits and happens to be located less than a mile from my apartment in Atlanta. Small world.

From there it was off to Toronto by way of Detroit. I never got to make a drop in but I did randomly see my friend Jessica at Toronto Food & Wine. We haven't seen each other in 9 years!

After 11 days, I finally got to come home and use my new Natural Grips at CFID. These are the Firefighter and Marine pairs from the Protection Line. I love both Firefighters and Marines, so obviously I needed them to replace my pink zebra pair that have gotten pretty janky.

I maxed out my squat clean at 125#, but was so close to making 135#. Now I'm hungry for it. The WOD was 3 RFT of 6 squat cleans 155/105, 9 burpee pull-ups OR 3 muscle-ups, and a 400m run. I finished in 13:28 with the burpee pull-ups and 105#.

I've gained about 6 lbs since the start of tour but my new CF Golden Gate tank hides it pretty well!

Dat ass doh
Pretty much I was home long enough to do my laundry before having to fly to Chicago for stop 3 of HeritageBBQ. Hopefully I get time to drop in at a box here. If you're a Chicago CrossFitter, give me a holler and maybe I can join you.

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